9 Authors Who Cameoed In the Movie Version Of Their Books

authorcameoBestselling author. VlogBrother. Actor?

The Fault in Our Stars scribe John Green revealed to his local newspaper, The Star, that he was offered a part in the big-screen adaptation of The Fault In Our Stars, his beloved novel about two teens battling cancer who fall in love. And, after sleeping on it, Green decided to accept. (Nerdfighters, rejoice!) Green is hardly the first writer to appear in the movie version of his/her book. Let’s take a look back at nine other author-actors.

Stephenie Meyer in Twilight and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1
The woman who dreamt up Edward Cullen (literally!) sank her teeth into not one but two cameos in the film franchise based on her bestselling series. She first appeared in Twilight as a customer at Charlie Swan’s favorite diner (:40 mark), working on her laptop while munching on a veggie plate. Three years later she eschewed the greasy spoon in favor of an enchanted forest to watch Bella Swan become a vampire bride (2:01 mark) in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1. Upgrade? You bet! (Guess that’s what a producer credit will get you…)

Emily Giffin in Something Borrowed
Talk about a marketing plan! In a not-so-subtle bit of product placement, Giffin sits perched on a Madison Square Park bench (:23 mark) reading her follow-up novel, Something Blue, as her characters Rachel and Marcus discuss, um, erectile disfunction nearby. Though, to be fair, if you finished either the book or film version of Something Borrowed, you know Marcus most definitely isn’t shooting blanks.

David Levithan and Rachel Cohn in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
The co-authors (they’ve penned three novels together) appear in this teen comedy as diners at New York’s Veselka restaurant in the East Village. Be sure to keep an eye out for the duo’s next book, David and Rachel Eat Too Many Pierogi.

Stephen King in Pet Sematary, Thinner, Rose Red, etc.
It’s a wonder King has time to write any novels considering he’s made something of a second career out of appearing in adaptations of his work. The author’s taken turns as a minister, a pharmacist, and a pizza delivery man, among other roles. Yet his big-screen debut came courtesy of another horror master: George Romero and his 1981 film Knightriders.

Greg Behrendt in He’s Just Not That Into You
Why should novelists have all the fun? Behrendt, who co-penned this Sex and the City-inspired self-help book with Liz Tuccillo, turned up in the movie version as a priest officiating the wedding of Jennifer Aniston’s on-screen sister.

Lee Child in Jack Reacher
When producers needed to fill a non-speaking sergeant role in the Tom Cruise thriller, they turned to the man who made it all possible. “There’s a scene in the movie where Reacher’s lawyer springs him from a night in jail, and he has to stop by the police station’s front desk to pick up his possessions,” Lee wrote. “As all Reacher fans know, he has only one possession—his folding toothbrush. They live in a world of story and symbolism, and they wanted Lee Child to pass the baton—in the form of the toothbrush—to Tom Cruise.” Next, Rio 2016?

John Irving in The World According to Garp
Wrestling isn’t just a pastime for Irving—it’s a way of life. So it’s fitting that the author played a small role as a wrestling referee in the 1982 Robin Williams adaptation of The World According to Garp. Irving also cameoed as a stationmaster in The Cider House Rules nearly two decades later.

Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Leave it to Thompson to make the trippiest cameo of them all, playing—get this—an older, flashback version (warning: contains salty language!) of Johnny Depp’s character, Raoul Duke, based on Thompson himself. Follow? Yeah, we don’t either.

What authors would you love to see acting in the film adaption of their books?

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