5 Picture Books For Kids Who Can’t Get Enough of Transformers

Do you have a little one who loves Transformers? (Or, let’s be honest, are you a parent who used to collect them back in the 80s? Because we’re right there with you.) If so, we’ve rounded up five picture books for kids who can’t get enough of these “Robots In Disguise.”

From vehicles to robots, each book will grip your little reader’s attention with fun images and sweet stories about love and friendship. (Along with some good old fashioned Autobot versus Decepticon action.) Ready to read?

Robots, Robots Everywhere!, by Sue Fliess
The name says it all—robots are everywhere! In space, beneath the sea, even under the couch. Whimsically written and boldly illustrated, Robots, Robots Everywhere! is a Little Golden Book that shows kids how real robots help us every day. Like the tractor robot that plants and plows; or the robots in the sea that make discoveries. Your little one will no doubt start searching for robots, well, everywhere! (My guess? You can find one or two in your own home.) For ages 2-5.

Love, Z, by Jessie Sima
While a Transformer’s mission is to battle his enemy (Decepticons, we’re looking in your direction), Love, Z focuses on a robot with a different goal—discovering what love means. A message in a bottle signed “Love Beatrice” sends Z the robot on a journey to uncover the truth. With the help of people and animals—and eventually Beatrice herself!—Z learns that love means many things to many creatures. And that he didn’t need to go on an adventure to find it—it was in his home and heart all along. A kind story about finding love in big and small ways. Ages 4-8.

Let’s Talk About Vehicles, by Britta Teckentrup and Ronne Randall
What Transformer fan doesn’t love all things transportation? So, whether your reader favors buses, cars, trains, trucks, or planes, Let’s Talk About Vehicles will entertain them with lively and colorful pages dedicated to various vehicles—so much so, they’ll forget these don’t transform into robots. Perfect for ages 2-5 years old.

Clink, by Kelly DiPucchio
Who here has ever felt left out? Different? Or forgotten? In this story, Clink, an outdated robot, feels these very things. Over and over, he watches as kids choose faster and fancier robots to go home with them. Who could ever love an old robot, after all? But Clink will learn how his specific quirks and unique talents can bring joy to others, no matter how different he is. Geared towards kids 4-8 years old.

Transformers: Rescue Bots: Land Before Prime, by John Sazaklis
If your little ones adore the hit Transformers cartoon series, they’ll love Transformers: Rescue Bots: Land Before Prime. After all, it’s illustrated with stills from the hit show itself. (The perfect balance between screen time and reading, no?) Follow along as Optimum Prime and his Rescue Bots go on an action-packed Transformer adventure. Aimed at readers between 5-6 years old.

What books do you steer your young Transformers aficionados towards?

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