It Takes Two To Make a Thing Go Right: An Interview with Max Monroe

To celebrate our awesome community of NOOK authors, as well as the recent launch of the NOOK Press print platform, we’re talking each month with authors whose books are making a splash with NOOK readers.

Max Monroe is the pseudonym of the two romance writers (and best friends) behind the Billionaire Bad Boys, a sexy, funny series about a trio of irresistible rich men and the women who love them. The series kicked off with Tapping the Billionaire, and it closes out with sixth installment, Scoring Her, this week. While their true identities are top secret, the authors known as Max Monroe agreed to answer some of our questions about their process, how they came to collaborate, their newest release, and some of the writers who’ve inspired them.

Tell us a bit about your writing background.

Before we started self-publishing together under the pseudonym Max Monroe, we collectively published over 15 novels under our respective names. Prior to our collaboration, we were established authors in the romance genre for several years. We were also close friends. And, one day, we just decided to write a book together. That very random and out of the blue decision turned into Max Monroe.

We have been extremely fortunate with our top-secret co-authorship. We can’t really believe how truly blessed we are. We have the most amazing readers in the book community—tremendously supportive, encouraging, and they have wicked senses of humor. But the success we’ve experienced under Max Monroe is nothing compared to the fact that we get to do what we love every day: write books that make readers swoon and smile and laugh—and we get to do it together. We are about as close as best friends can get. We’re probably considered domestic partners or sister wives at this point. Kidding! But we are writing soulmates, and we can’t imagine a future not writing together.

Did you work with other professionals—editors, cover designers, etc.—on your path to publication?

We do! It is essential for all authors, traditional or indie, to surround themselves with a supportive team they can trust and enjoy working with. Both are equally important—not only should your team be professional, but they should also mesh with you and understand your needs.
Our agent, Amy Tannenbaum, is an absolute goddess and godsend. Her guidance and support are immeasurable. She understands this ever-changing industry and has really helped make the best decisions for our brand in terms of marketing, publishing, and packaging.
We also have the most amazing editing team. A huge and happy and loving shout out to Murphy and Kristin at Indie Solutions by Murphy Rae and Lisa at Silently Correcting Your Grammar. We couldn’t ask for a better team than these three ladies. They are the light at the end of our messy final draft tunnel.

We also have to mention our cover designer Sommer with Perfect Pear Creative and our formatter, Stacy, with Champagne Formats. Both are visionaries when it comes to creating and perfecting the best covers and graphics. They’re not only beautiful, but match the tone of our books. We highly recommend all of these talented women and encourage new and established authors to work with them. They are true professionals and so willing to go above and beyond for their clients.

How do you interact with your readers?
This is one of our favorite things because we are seriously blessed with the most amazing readers. We’ll interact with them in absolutely any way we can—social media, emails, newsletters, carrier pigeons… You give us a method for interaction, and we’ll willingly try it. We are, however, mostly active on Facebook (Author Max Monroe), Twitter (@authormaxmonroe), and Instagram (authormaxmonroe).

One of our favorite places to hang out, make jokes, and interact is our readers group on Facebook, Camp Love Yourself. Yes, that’s really the name, and if you’ve read our hilarious romantic comedy series, the Billionaire Bad Boys, you’ll understand where we got the name. And without any spoilers, we can say the backstory will definitely make you laugh.

It should be noted that the carrier pigeon interaction has only happened once. And honestly, it did get a little complicated. Our pigeon wasn’t the quickest, and we’re actually still waiting to hear back from this reader. Sally! If you’re reading this! Did the pigeon deliver the letter yet?!

Yeah. We’re still getting the hang of the carrier pigeon thing, but we promise, we’ll get better at it!

Tell us a little bit about your next book.
The final book in our debut and bestselling series, the Billionaire Bad Boys, Scoring Her, released yesterday, November 29. We consider it the cupcake topping on a dessert-like series that has provided readers with lots of laughs and swoons and smiles. The Billionaire Bad Boys is a series of interconnected, romantic comedy standalones that take you through the lives of three successful billionaires who are anything but conventional. Fans of the series have an extremely difficult time choosing their favorite billionaire: Kline, Thatch, or Wes? And the ladies in the series do not disappoint either. They are strong, funny, and downright adorable in their own ways. By the end of the series you’ll want to steal their men and be their best friends.

Good thing it’s fiction, right? We couldn’t really see that type of scenario going so well in real life. Scoring Her is the final book in the series, and readers will get to see all of their favorite characters together for one last hurrah in the Bahamas. And we promise, they will not disappoint. Readers will swoon and laugh and most likely cry a few sentimental tears. We know we did. It was hard saying goodbye to these characters. After six books, they feel like family now. Plus, their stories are an absolute blast to write.

Tell us a bit about the books and authors that have inspired you.

Both of us are avid readers, always have been and always will be. When we’re not in the writing cave, we could easily read a book a day. Which reminds us, maybe we should get out of the writing cave a little more so we can escape into some of the amazing books on our TBRs that we’re dying to read? Yeah, we just decided, we need to do that. We’ve officially added it to our To Do List for next week.

There have been so many authors who have inspired us over the years, not only through their work, but because of who they are as people. Colleen Hoover is incredibly talented and one of a kind. So generous. So humble. And down to her soul, a good, kindhearted, and caring person. Plus, she shares our love of cheese dip.

Lover of Cheese dip = You’re cool. We like you. A lot.

Lauren Blakely, Carly Phillips, and Erika Wilde have also inspired us. They’re at the top of the romance pyramid but are so very down to earth and supportive of their fellow authors.

And Dr. Seuss. Because Green Eggs and Ham? The Cat in The Hat? Oh, the Places You’ll Go?
Definitely books from our childhood that inspired our little minds way back in the day to be creative and imaginative and to strive to achieve all of our dreams.

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