13 Daily Prophet Listicles We Want to Read

HarryPotter_covercropWhen Harry Potter picks up The Daily Prophet, we know he turns right to his wife’s Quidditch reports. Hermione reads the latest ministry news first (then pulls up the Wall Street Journal on the iPad her fascinated father-in-law keeps accidentally breaking, because she knows she’ll need to run interference with the muggle world when she becomes Minister of Magic). But what does Ron read first when he opens up the wizarding world’s premiere source of non-crumple-horned snorkack-related news? The listicles, of course. Yes, in a wizarding world where there are owls instead of email and “buzz feed” is a sound your wand makes plus the thing you do for your toad, Trevor, listicles run in print. Here are 13 Ron might read over his morning pumpkin juice.

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