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2015 Discover Awards

Winner, Fiction

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In the Country: Stories

Exiled by choice overseas (or not), tethered to family mythologies (or not), the characters in this sublime collection of short stories all share one thing: a profound dislocation from everything they love, and the lives they think they should (or shouldn’t) be living. Read more on B&N Readouts

2nd Place Finalist, Fiction

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The Turner House

Thirteen siblings come together to decide the fate of the family home in East Detroit. This powerful debut, a finalist for the National Book Award, is not only the story of a family redefining itself; it also precisely captures the story of a place and a time. Read an excerpt on B&N Readouts

3rd Place Finalist, Fiction

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The Unfortunates

Secrets and lies, money and power. A family’s past collides with its present--and undermines its future--in this ambitious debut novel, a thoroughly modern take on a classic story with its echoes of Edith Wharton and an unforgettable matriarch at its center. Read an excerpt on B&N Readouts.

Winner, Nonfiction

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Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America

This steely examination of American society chronicles the commission, investigation, and aftermath of a single murder -- and joins the list of great nonfiction narratives that not only took our breath away but also quickly became critically-acclaimed bestsellers. Read an excerpt on B&N Readouts

2nd Place Finalist, Nonfiction

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More and more of us face caring for elderly parents, but only a rare few could tell this story with the aplomb and honesty of this insightful—and often very funny—memoir from a middle aged ex-New Yorker caring for his elderly mother in their small Missouri hometown. Read an excerpt on B&N Readouts

3rd Place Finalist, Nonfiction

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Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family

This page-turner is not only the powerful and intimately reported story of what the Maines family experiences when one of their twin sons makes it clear he is a girl, but also a heartwarming and inspiring call to understand and celebrate the uniqueness in us all. Read an excerpt on B&N Readouts