July 17: Minions Fun

On July 10th, the Minions movie hits theaters nationwide. In celebration of the return of our favorite yellow friends, we’ll be hosting a Minions Fun event on July 17th. Our young customers will attend Villain-Con in our stores, searching for the biggest, baddest villain to follow. (All Minions need a despicable villain to follow!) Children will also learn some Minion Banana Language, get their own Minions Goggles, receive a Villain-Con Villains! Map, a Choose Your Villain! sticker sheet, and color a cast of villain characters. Contact your local store to sign up. And before the event begins, pick up these adorable products, sure to delight Minions fans young and old.

Minions: The Junior Novel, by Sadie Chesterfield
Minions fans between the ages of 8 and 12 will love this novelization of this summer’s new Minions movie. The story starts at the beginning—the way beginning—as Minions evolve from single-celled organisms to the yellow henchmen we know and love, always looking for the most despicable masters to serve. As the 1960s hit, they land at the feet of a supervillain named Scarlet Overkill, where they’ll face their biggest challenge since the dawn of time.

Minions: Long Live King Bob!, by Lucy Rosen
The littlest Minions fans will love this picture-book retelling of the new Minions movie. The story revolves around Bob, who’s the perfect pick for this audience, with his adorable, childlike ways. There’s a good chance that your kids may ask for the book more than they ask for the movie.

Minions: The Deluxe Junior Novel, by Trey King
For middle-grade Minion lovers who also love to read, the only thing better than the novelization of the Minions movie is the deluxe version. This one has the same great story, following our favorite Minions from the dawn of time to the super-villainous ‘60s. And it’s also got paper-over-board hardcover binding, and comes with a double-sided poster for a devoted fan to hang on the wall.

Minions: Who’s the Boss?, by Lucy Rosen
Learn to love the Minions while you learn to read. This reader, a member of the Passport to Reading Level 2 Series, is intended for kids ages 4 to 8 who want their next reading challenge to include words like “Gru” and “supervillain.” (Can you blame them?)

Minions: The Road to Villain-Con: Reusable Sticker Book, by Trey King
If you know kids, you know they go crazy for stickers—and you also know that said stickers are used up in about ten seconds. That’s why the best ones are the kind you can reapply over and over. This book, perfect for kids ages 3 to 6, features reusable stickers and scenes based on the new Minions movie. So your kids may be worn out before their stickers are.

One Mystery Mini: Despicable Me
Order one of these windowless mystery boxes, and you won’t know who’s inside till you open it up. It could be a Minion, a Gru sister, Eduardo Perez in a luchador mask, Agnes’ stuffed unicorn, or another one of your favorite Despicable friends. We would call this the work of an evil villain, except that with such an array of awesome characters, everyone will feel like a winner.

Hula Minion
A Minion is cute, but a Minion who’s ready for a luau is beyond adorable. This 3 ¾” little vinyl henchman may not be ready to take over the world, but he’s sure ready to party, with a lei on his head, a coconut-shell bikini, and a little grass skirt. Hold him in your hand and we think you’ll be ready to party, too.

Cro-Minion Bob
We know Minions have been around since the dawn of time—and to be honest, they haven’t evolved much since then. Cro-Minion Bob is just as short, brutish, and lovable as his modern-day brethren.

Minions Funtainer Thermal Bottle by Thermos
The Minions may not always be able to help with your evil plans, but now they can always help keep you hydrated. This 12-ounce cooler, featuring Bob and Kevin, is stainless steel and BPA free, with a pop-up straw and integrated handle. Like revenge, some drinks are best served cold, and this one will keep your drinks nice and cool for up to 12 hours.

Minions Funtainer Thermal Food Jar by Thermos
You can’t do much scheming on an empty belly, and this 10-ounce food jar ensures that your snacks will stay at the temperature you want them. Made of double-wall vacuumed stainless steel, it keeps its contents cold for up to 7 hours, or warm for up to 5 hours. And with adorable Stuart playing his guitar on the outside, you’ll never want to snack without it.



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