5 Fantastical Stories for Minecraft Fans!

Kids can spend hours playing Minecraft. The inventive video game hones their engineering skills even as it encourages creative thinking. But what do you do when it’s time for them to read?

Why, you give them a book in the same vein.

No, no, we’re not talking about guidebooks. We’re talking about fantastical stories for wonderfully inventive kids. Here are five titles perfect for fans of Minecraft.

Minecraft: The Crash, by Tracey Baptiste
You might know Tracey Baptiste from her incredible Jumbies books, but did you know she wrote a novel set in the Minecraft universe? After a car crash leaves her stuck in the hospital, Bianca chooses to avoid the difficult questions raised by the accident and dives instead into a new virtual-reality version of Minecraft. The world seems to respond to her every wish, but the arrival of a glitching avatar she believes to be her best friend sends her on a journey to rescue him… while the mobs hunting them down seem to respond to Bianca’s worst fears. Can she save her friend and heal?

Guardians of the Taiga, by Stacy Plays
Kids who love Minecraft might be familiar with Stacy Plays and Dogcraft: a single-player Minecraft mod that Stacy plays through on YouTube, inspired by Stacy’s real-life dog rescuing. She takes that mod to a new fictional universe in Guardians of the Taiga, the first of the Wild Rescuers series. Think of it as a Minecraft-Warriors hybrid. Stacy was raised by wolves and prefers it that way. Humans are dangerous, but Stacy’s six-wolf pack keeps the other animals in the forest safe. Each wolf has their own abilities—but when the forest changes, will the abilities of the pack be enough to keep them safe?

Inkling by Kenneth Oppel
Let’s weave a little bit of magic with art and make a potential disaster, shall we? Kids who enjoy the creative spirit of Minecraft might relate to the little ink blot that stars in Kenneth Oppell’s Inkling. Ethan’s family is stuck, but when the little ink blot in his father’s notebook comes to life, he thinks it will solve his problems: help Ethan with his homework, give his sister a puppy, inspire Dad to write. But when the little Inkling goes missing, Ethan and his family must face what they truly need, and where creativity really comes from.

The Wild Robot, by Peter Brown
Want to know what’s better to find in the wild than Endermen and Creepers? Adorable robots. Roz wakes up on a wild island all on her own, much like how Minecraft players wake up alone in the middle of their world. She doesn’t know how to get home, but she knows she needs to survive, be it a storm or a bear attack. Can she befriend the creatures around her and learn how to thrive in the wilderness? With adorable illustrations added throughout, this is great for the younger Minecraft fans in your household.

Sanity and Tallulah, by Molly Brooks
Let’s take this adventure to space. Hardcore Minecraft fans might be familiar with the Galacticraft mod, which allows Minecraft users to go to space. That same fun, creative heart is brought to life in Sanity and Tallulah, the graphic novel by Molly Brooks. The old space station that Sanity and Tallulah call home is boring—at least, until Sanity creates a three-headed kitten. It’s totally illegal, completely adorable, and causes absolute havoc when it escapes. Can the girls get the kitten back before the space station has to be evacuated?

What novels would you recommend for Minecraft fans?

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