The Fire Keeper, the Newest Book From Rick Riordan Presents, Takes Readers on a Wild Ride Through Mayan Mythology

Return to the world of the Mayan gods in the newest book from Rick Riordan Presents! The Fire Keeper (the second book in the Storm Runner series), by J.C. Cervantes, is a nail-biting adventure full of twists and turns, introducing new allies, new (and old) enemies, and two impossible quests.

After finding out he’s the son of the Mayan god, Hurakan, and having to take on the god of Death in an epic struggle (as told in The Storm Runner), Zane Obispo deserves a rest. His new life on a peaceful tropical island with his family, best friend Brooks (a shapeshifter), and his hell hound Rosie should be perfect. But there’s a problem. It’s a paradise, but also a prison.

When a strange girl arrives at night in a drifting boat and claims to be another godborn child, Zane learns the book he wrote about his adventures has put all the other kids of the Mayan gods at risk. On top of that, he learns that his father is going to be executed in three days. Zane feels responsible for both things and is determined to find and protect the other kids like him from gods who don’t want them to exist, and to save his dad, even though he knows that trying to do both will increase his already great chances of succeeding at neither.

But how can a kid who can’t even control his own godly fire powers break free of a prison created by the goddess of the underworld and figure out how to achieve these impossible tasks? The answer comes one step at a time, on a journey through horrible landscapes of gore, with demons and vengeful gods on all sides, that starts with a trip to the underworld, and ends in a showdown in New Mexico. In order to have any chance of success, Zane must trust the last god he could have imagined allying with. None of the gods are trustworthy, but this particular one is perhaps the most questionable ally of all.

It’s not all demon-filled mayhem, though. Zane gets plenty of time to grow into his fire powers and to consider just how he feels about Brooks (which is as more than just as a friend). There’s plenty of humor amongst the trials and tribulations of the quest. Rosie the Hell Hound brings doggie fun to the mix, and Hondo, Zane’s totally unmagical uncle who goes along for the journey, is an even more appealing character here than in the first book.

The suspense is great, as Zane’s friendships, loyalties, and magical abilities are put to their toughest test yet in this intricately plotted adventure! The pages will turn at a furious pace as readers try to guess what will happen next (and since the motivations and manipulations of the Mayan gods are hard for us humans to fathom, this is challenging). Though this episode comes to a satisfying end, the next book can’t come soon enough!

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