5 Must-Reads if You Loved One of Us is Lying

What if one of the kids from The Breakfast Club never emerged from detention—and the remainder of the crew were all suspects in his murder? That’s essentially the question explored in Karen McManus’s mystery debut, One of Us is Lying. But you probably already know that, considering it’s been heating up the New York Times bestseller list since its release. So what to read next if you’re one of the many to have already read and loved it? Here are five more thrillers I absolutely adored.

Last Seen Leaving, by Caleb Roehrig
The thing about being at the center of a major criminal investigation? It has a way of laying your personal life, including your deepest secrets, bare for public consumption. When Flynn’s girlfriend, January, disappears, he immediately becomes a primary suspect, bolstered by the fact that they fought at their last parting. But if Flynn wants to clear his name by sharing the content of the fight, it’ll mean revealing that he’s gay—something he’s not yet ready to do. Which means if he wants to find out the truth, both to clear his name and find out if she’s okay, he’s on his own, even as danger still lurks…

When I Am Through With You, by Stephanie Kuehn
Right off the bat, Ben will tell you he killed his girlfriend, Rose. In fact, he’s telling his story from jail. But what happened between the day he and Rose left for a school orienteering trip and now? That’s something you’ll have to paw frantically through the pages of Kuehn’s newest release to find, in a narrative that moves seamlessly between the unfolding details of Ben’s painful past and the group’s encounter with maybe-fugitives.

Dangerous Girls, by Abigail Haas
Who killed Elise on spring break in Aruba? Her best friend, Anna, is determined to find out, but she’s not the only one—and everyone else is pointing fingers at her. Through her narration and media coverage of the trial, the story of international partying turned deadly unfolds in twists and turns that will leave you guessing and second-guessing your every thought. And even if you think you’ve got the whodunit down, the best part is that answering that question is only the beginning.

Endangered, by Lamar Giles
Lauren “Panda” Daniels’ anonymous photo blog has been known to bring both teachers and students to their knees, but now she’s the one on the receiving end of a blackmailer. If she doesn’t want her identity exposed, she’ll have to put herself into increasingly scary situations, and face those her blog has hurt. But when tragedy strikes, her privacy is no longer the most important thing on the table: keeping a killer from striking again is.

Damage Done, by Amanda Panitch
Twenty-two minutes. That’s all it took for everything in Julia’s life to turn upside-down. That’s the space in which her twin brother killed ten of their classmates then turned the gun on himself. That’s twenty-two minutes Julia can’t recall, and in her new life, as Lucy Black, she isn’t sure she wants to. But when her brother’s psychologist appears, and memories from the darkest moments of her life start to come back to her, it becomes clear she’ll never truly be able to outrun the past, no matter what lengths she goes to.


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