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Broken (LOST Series #1)

by Cynthia Eden

Meet Gabe Spencer, EX-SEAL and founder of LOST  (Last Option Search Team). Gabe is used to dealing with strange cases and baffling situations, but when a woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to a murdered heiress walks through his door, he’s thrown for a loop. Supposedly the latest victim of a serial murderer dubbed The Lady Killer, Eve awoke in an Atlanta hospital with no memory of who she was. Now Gabe must keep Eve safe, and catch a notorious serial killer as he becomes more attracted to her by the moment.

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Shattered (LOST Series #3)

Criminal psychologist Dr. Sarah Jacobs is used to bad boys, she just never thought she would need one for her own protection. Hunted by a serial killer Sarah turns to the irresistible Jax Fontaine. Jax lives by his own code and lives in a world far removed from that of Dr. Jacobs, but none of that seems to matter when they meet in the bedroom.

NOOK Spotlight: Cynthia Eden

From bestselling author Cynthia Eden comes a delicious series of romantic suspense. Meet the men of LOST (Last Option Search Team) an elite unit of Ex-SEALs tasked with protecting their clients and delivering justice. In each installment you will meet a new member of the LOST Team and the alluring women they are charged to protect. From serial killers to kidnappers, there’s nothing the sexy men of LOST can’t handle.