The 10 Most Devastating Lines in Children’s Literature

  • Albert Sanchez Moreno

    You left out the line “Send me word that he has come back”, from “The Little Prince”.

    • Melissa Albert

      Oh, that’s a great one. That ending always gives me chills.

  • FourQ

    Love You Forever is one of, if not THE, creepiest books I’ve ever read.

  • mim

    And, bending over him, he asked him in asinine language:

    “Who are you?”

    At this question the little donkey opened his dying eyes, and answered in broken words in the same language:

    “I am–Can–dle–wick.”

    And, having again closed his eyes, he expired.

  • mim

    What’s creepy about the end of “Where the Wild Things Are”? It’s comforting, not creepy.

    And you left out the final line: “And it was still hot.”