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Help Desk: Searching Toys & Games
Our Toys & Games search allows you to conduct specific or general searches for the items you are interested in. Simply enter a search term into the search box located in the top left hand corner of every page in our Toys and Games store and hit the Search button beside it. Feel free to make your search as specific (Lego Mindstorms) or general (the name of a manufacturer, such as Leapfrog, or category such as puzzles, games, electronic toys, etc.) as you like. You'll have your results in no time.

Search results are presented in top matching order. You can also sort your results in bestselling order, or by release date, price (high to low or low to high), and alphabetical order (A to Z). If the search engine isn't able to find any exact matches for your search, the page will display information about items that may be close to what you were looking for.

Narrowing or Refining Your Search

After you enter your search, you may be able to refine your search using a number of options. These options will appear on the left side of the page under the "Refine Search" heading and will help you get more specific results. Here are some of the refining categories that may be displayed, depending on the search results that have been returned:

Related Categories: If your first search is very general, like "Games," our narrowing options will let you see specific kinds of categories related to your initial query. (For example, a Games query may let you refine by other categories, such as Card Games, Travel Games, etc.)

Price Range: Allows you to narrow results to show only the prices you are interested in, such as:
Under $25
$25 to $50
$50 to $100
Over $100

Age Range: Allows you to refine search results by age range, such as:
0-12 months
1 to 2 years
3 to 5 years
6 to 8 years
9 to 11 years
12 and up

Other refinements may include: Holidays, Events, Special Features, and other categories.

Formatting Your Search

It is not necessary to use any special characters in formatting your search. Simply enter the words you are looking for. Quotation marks, plus signs, or Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) will be ignored by the search engine.

The search engine is case-insensitive. You can enter your search in all capitals, all lowercase, or mixed case.

Search Results Questions

The list of results is too long. How can I narrow this list?
You can narrow the list of search results by using the Refine Search options on the left hand side of the search results page. If there are no options, try entering a more specific query. For example, instead of entering "puzzles," try entering "jigsaw puzzles."

The list of results is too short. How can I get more results?
If you have entered too much search information, it is likely that the search engine was not able to find many items that met all your search criteria. You can remove or change some criteria by clicking the "Back to search page" button.

I didn't get any results. What did I do wrong?
Nothing. It may be that there are no Toys or Games that match your search criteria.
Recheck your search. You may have mistyped your search, or put the search information in the wrong field.
Broaden your search. You may have entered too much search information. It is likely that the search engine was unable to find any Toys or Games that met all your search criteria. Try another search, but enter less information.