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My B&N

What is My B&N?

Use My B&N as your central hub for your bn.com experience. With your free My B&N page you can:
  • Create a Pen Name and choose an Avatar to represent you on our site
  • Add titles to your online personal library
  • Create lists of your favorite books, movies, music and other bn.com people
  • Create EssentiaLists™ on any topic under the sun
    Decide whether your My B&N page is public or private
  • Track your reviews and product ratings
You can also use your My B&N page to track events at your local Barnes & Noble stores and manage your Wish Lists.

To get started, click the My B&N link at the top of any page on our site. Enter as much information as you want, and remember that you can add to or change the information on your page (except your Pen Name) at any time. If you are not signed in, you'll be asked to do so, or to create an account.

By default, you'll have to enter your email address and password whenever you return to My B&N. But you can streamline the experience by clicking "remember me" when you sign in.

Who gets to see my My B&N page?

Since your My B&N page is all about you, we believe you should decide whether it's Public (meaning that other people can see it) or Private (meaning they can't).

You make the selection at the top of the My B&N page, and you can change it at any time.

Certain things, like Suggestions for You, your local Store Events and your Wish Lists, never appear on the public view of your profile. Nor do the reviews or the lists that you set to "anonymous."

But, if you want to others to see your page -- if you want to email it, to link it from your blog, or share it with other social networking websites -- you'll have to make it "Public."

Remember, public pages are widely visible and searchable on the Internet, so be sure that you're not revealing any information you don't want others to see. And also remember that you can always see your page the way the rest of the world sees it by clicking on the "View my profile as others see it" near the top of the page.

And note that your pen name and avatar are always public, even if your profile is set to private.

What happens to my other account information?

Nothing. It is still safe and private. Your account information settings will never be revealed to anyone. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

Your account information can be managed from the link found at the top of all bn.com pages, including your My B&N page. For more information about how to manage your account settings click here.

What is 'Remember Me'?

Remember Me is intended for customers who use our site often and who want to bypass the sign-in screen every time they return to rate a product, update their lists or contribute to the Book Clubs.

When you select Remember Me, we place an encrypted cookie on your computer that gives you extended access to My B&N, the Book Clubs and features like ratings and reviews. This cookie does not give extended access to the private information in your account or your shopping activities, so you'll be asked to sign in again if you want access to those secure areas.

You can close your session and void the cookie at any time by clicking on "Sign Out" at the top of any page. Please remember to use common sense when selecting Remember Me -- don't do it at a public computer or at any machine where others might see things you'd prefer to keep private.

What's a Pen Name?

Your unique Pen Name serves as your identity on bn.com. It's associated with your ratings and reviews, your lists, your Book Club messages, and other content. Your Pen Name is always public, even if your profile is set to private, and it can't be changed, so make sure you pick a name you're happy with.

To choose your Pen Name, select the link on the My B&N page. Our system will determine if your Pen Name is valid and acceptable. If the name is already taken, you will be offered some variations. You can choose an entirely different name at that point as well and repeat the validation process.

A Pen Name is required for participation in the Book Clubs and to have a public profile. It is not required for anonymous reviews and EssentiaLists.

Can I change my Pen Name?

In a word, no. Pen Names are very much a public feature of My B&N. They're associated with your public content, and they're referenced in your Book Club conversations. Once they're out there, there's no way to change them or withdraw them. … Again, choose carefully!

What's an Avatar?

Avatars are visual representations of you online at bn.com. Choose from one of our many designs by clicking on the Avatar link on your My B&N page.

Your Avatar will appear whenever your content is, whether it's a review, a list or a message in our Book Clubs. You can change your Avatar whenever the mood suits you - just go to your profile and select a new Avatar.

What are EssentiaLists™?

EssentiaLists are lists you make. They can be lists of must-haves, best-ofs, or stay-away-froms, whatever you want! They're a quick, easy way to share your passion for books, movies, music, magazines, toys, video games and more with the entire world.

To get started, click on the EssentiaList link button wherever you find it. Use the EssentiaList tool to search for books, DVDs, or CDs. Create a title for your EssentiaList, describe or comment on it, and move on.

You can create up to 100 EssentiaLists. When you create an EssentiaList you have the option to associate it with your profile or make it "Anonymous". EssentiaLists designated as "Anonymous" will not appear on your public profile.

What are Wish Lists?

Wish Lists are special lists that allow you identify books and other products that you want for yourself, or for others. You can have up to 25 Wish Lists, and you can name them and describe them however you want.

You can manage your Wish Lists from your My B&N page, but other users cannot see them there (even if your profile is set to public). You can, however, share a Wish List with others by emailing it to them.

For more information on Wish Lists, see our Wish Lists Help section.

What are My Favorites?

Favorites are a great way to keep track of people and stuff you've found on bn.com. You can make a favorite list of:
  • Books, authors, and genres
  • DVDs, actors & directors, and genres
  • CDs, artists, and music styles
  • Other people who have created My B&N profiles
  • Content from our Book Clubs, the B&N Review and B&N Studio
Adding to My Favorites is easy. You can add books, DVDs, and CDs, and their subsets, on your My B&N page, or even from a product page.

To add other profiles to your list of Favorite people, look for the Add to Favorites link at the top of their profile page.

To save bn.com Features look for an Add to Favorites link on the page on either the top or mid-right of the page.

What are Privacy Settings?

Privacy Settings, which can be found at the top of your profile page, allow you to control access to viewing your profile and your wish lists by others. If you choose to mark your settings as private, these pages will only be viewable by you. If you make it public, other users will be able to see your profile and lists. Once set to public, you can email it or share it with others. Remember that your Pen Name and your Avatar are always public, even if your profile it private.

What can I do with My Library?

A fun way to show off your collection to the world, My Library lets you keep track of every book, DVD, or CD you've ever had or ever wanted to have. We'll help you get started with your library by reminding you of your recent Barnes & Noble purchases. But you can choose whether you want to display those titles, and you can easily delete any title at any time.

You can select a book, DVD, or CD at any time from the product page you're viewing simply by clicking the Add To My Library button. Adding a product to your library puts you under no obligation to purchase that product. It's simply for fun.

You can even display the books you're reading right now by selecting the Reading Now button from the window that opens whenever you rollover one of the titles. Since many book lovers have more than one book going at a time, you can select as many Reading Now titles as you want.

What are Suggestions For You?

Suggestions for You are customized book, DVD, and CD recommendations that are based on the titles in your Favorite Book, DVD & Music lists.

Can I change the selections I make on My B&N?

Yes. There are many ways you can make changes to your previous My B&N choices. Simply look for the EDIT button next to the feature you'd like to edit, such as:
  • My Profile
  • My B&N Stores & Events
  • All My Favorite elements including People, bn.com Features, Books, Authors, Genres, DVDs, Cast & Crew, Genres, CDs, Artists, and Music Styles

Why did my Book Clubs account change?

You can now access the Book Clubs through the normal bn.com account system. This simplifies the account process for most users by consolidating all of your bn.com content -- from your Book Club posts to your reviews -- under a unified Pen Name.

People who participate in the Book Clubs have a second Book Clubs profile page, which consolidates their Book Club information and provides a list of their most recent posts.

What is 'Share'?

The Share feature allows you to showcase bn.com content and products with other sites like Facebook, Digg and Del.icio.us. You can share links to your B&N Profile, your reviews and your lists, or even content submitted by others.

How do I report abuse?

If you see user content on the site that you think violates the community standards outlined in our Terms of Use click the "flag" link adjacent to the content, and it will be reviewed by one of our moderators. In the Book Clubs, the click on the link that says "Report Abuse to a Moderator." We'll review the content, and take the appropriate action. Please do not flag something just because you disagree with it.

Can I rate a product without writing a review?

Yes! While we encourage you to write full reviews of books you've read or products you've used, we've also made it possible to give all products an overall rating, and a set of detailed ratings. You can change your ratings at any time, but only your latest ratings contribute to a product's overall rating.

I've written reviews in the past, but don't see them in my My B&N page -- why?

Your old customer reviews are still visible on the site, but since you weren't "signed in" when you contributed them, we couldn't know for sure whether you wanted them attached to your account. Feel free to create new reviews for your favorites -- and add them to your library and other lists as well.

I've been told my profile, list or review has been "hidden" -- what does that mean?

If your content has been "hidden" by one of our moderators, it means you've run afoul of our community standards in some way. Please review our community standards and then and edit your submission. We'll review it within three business days, and return it to public view if it meets the standards.

My account's been suspended -- what does that mean?

If you're getting a message that says your access to certain features has been suspended, it means that you've run afoul of our Terms of Use in some serious or repeated way. We don't do this lightly, but we have found it necessary from time to time to stop users from contributing content to the site, or from interacting with content from other users.

Suspensions can be temporary or permanent, and are made at the sole discretion of our moderators. Please be mindful of the Terms of Use when you contribute content here.

How do I get help with My B&N?

Check the FAQs here, and then head on over to the Help board in the Book Clubs for assistance from our moderators and from other users. Have a look around before you post -- you're likely to find the answer is already there.