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About Marketplace Shipping

When you purchase an item from one of our Sellers, it is that Seller's responsibility to ship the item. After your order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation email containing a summary of your order and the date that your item is expected to ship. We will notify you again by email once the seller has confirmed that your order will be shipped on or before the expected shipment date. Please note the following:
  • Business Days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays observed by the U.S. Postal Service.

  • Standard Domestic and Express Domestic options are available to both Domestic and Domestic Exception destinations, including APO/FPO, P.O. Boxes, AK, HI, PR, USVI, Guam, and U.S. Protectorates. Occasional delays in the receipt of these orders can range from 1-5 additional business days. For military addresses (APO/FPO) there can be delays in the receipt of these orders due to additional processing time within the receiving military base.

  • Each Marketplace item property of the Seller listing it. BN.com will not take possession of or handle any items purchased from the Sellers. All orders from the Marketplace are packed and shipped by or on behalf of the Marketplace Seller.

  • If, in a single order, you purchase an item from Barnes & Noble.com and an item from an Authorized Seller, the Barnes & Noble.com portion of your order will be separately packed and shipped by or on behalf of Barnes & Noble.com.

  • When you select "Standard Domestic," "Express Domestic," "Canadian," or "International" as a shipping method, the Seller is not required to ship the item using a specific carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.). Instead, the Seller is instructed to ship the item in any way necessary to meet the objective of receipt within the time frame promised. The time frames are:
    • Standard Domestic: 4-14 business days
    • Express Domestic: 3–6 business days
    • Canadian: 6–20 business days
    • International: 4-6 weeks

  • The arrival times shown for International shipping indicate the amount of time it will take for an order to reach the recipient's local post office. The time it takes for that order to get from the local post office to the recipient's address can vary widely from country to country.

  • Items shipped by our Authorized Sellers to customers outside of the United States may experience delays clearing customs. In these instances, delivery will take longer than the estimated time listed above. We request you wait at least 20 business days for items shipped to Canada and at least 6 weeks for items shipped outside the United States and Canada before contacting the seller about late deliveries.

  • Shipping to Correctional Institutions: Our Authorized Sellers can deliver to correctional institutions, but we strongly suggest that customers contact the correctional institution first to ask about any requirements or restrictions the institution might have. Some correctional institutions do not allow delivery of items from used booksellers. Our Authorized Sellers are unable to attach any special labels or instructions to the packages. The package will only show the destination address and the return address. The best way for customers to avoid problems shipping used books to correctional facilities is to have the items shipped to themselves first and then ship items to the correctional facility via the U.S. Postal Service along with any necessary documentation or packaging labels.

  • Shipping charges are:

    Shipping Option Estimated Shipping Time* Per-Item Shipping Cost (Books) Per-Item Shipping Cost (Music & Movies) Per-Item Shipping Cost (General Merchandise)
    Standard Domestic 4-14 business days $3.99 $2.98 Calculated at Checkout
    Express Domestic 3-6 business days $6.99 $4.99 Calculated at Checkout
    Canadian 6-20 business days $8.95 $7.95 Calculated at Checkout
    International 4-6 weeks $19.95 $13.95 N/A

    *Estimated Shipping Time is from the date of shipment. Marketplace orders ship within 2 business days from the date that the order was placed.
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