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Bargain-Priced Books

What are Bargain-Priced books?

Our smart shopper's paradise offers three kinds of bargain-priced books: Bargains, Special Values, and Barnes & Noble Exclusives. All three have one thing in common: terrific book value.
Bargains, also commonly referred to as remainders, are publishers' overstocks. Bargain books clearly display the original price of the book before it was remaindered, along with your savings. You can find Bargains on virtually any subject (from computers to art) and in any format (hardcover, paperback, audio, and compact disc).

Because the publisher has decided to stop printing the book, the quantities for all Bargains are limited. When a book is gone, it's gone. So the trick with Bargains is to act quickly when you find something you want.

Special Values are books published specifically with the budget-conscious reader in mind. Many are illustrated. All are remarkably affordable. While you won't find a savings statement, Special Values represent great deals for savvy shoppers.

Barnes & Noble Exclusives cover a wide range of topics, from history to reference to literature to home improvement. You'll find classics and formerly out-of-print titles that Barnes & Noble has rescued from oblivion with beautiful new editions. You'll also find scores of original titles -- including fabulous activity kits for children. Large print runs and other cost-saving factors mean these books are offered at anywhere from 50% to 70% less than you would normally expect to pay.
To see which category any given book belongs to, you can go to the product page and look in the Product Details section. In addition to the ISBN, format, and publication date, you'll find a note about the Edition Description (Bargain, Special Value, or Barnes & Noble Books). Our Bargain titles also include information about the original publisher.

Are all these books new?


Why do some Bargain-Priced books have markings on them?

Publishers often mark Bargain titles to indicate that these books are overstocks and are not to be resold at the full price. They may have a small hole punched in the cover or a small black mark on the edges of the pages. But apart from these small marks, the books are in brand-new condition.

How can the prices be so low, if they are new books?

To make room in their warehouses for new titles, publishers sell their overstocks at significant markdowns. Our buyers are scouring warehouses and showrooms across the country year-round for the best titles at the best prices. We then pass those savings directly along to you. You can find books for as much as 88% off the original publisher's price.

Special Values and Barnes & Noble Exclusives are published specifically for the price-conscious shopper. Large print runs and other cost savings make it possible to provide customers with great content for significantly less than you'd expect.

Should I have Bargain-Priced books gift-wrapped?

It's important to keep in mind that Bargain-Priced books are often stickered with the discounted price and may bear a remainder mark. If you don't want the recipient to know what a savvy shopper you are, you might want to wrap these items yourself.