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Marketplace FAQs

What is BN.com's Marketplace?

The B&N Marketplace gives BN.com customers access to tens of millions of items provided by our Sellers. When you make a purchase from one of our Marketplace Sellers, that Seller will ship the item directly to you. Direct shipping saves you money and ensures faster delivery. BN.com facilitates your transaction, guaranteeing the security of your payment information and covering your purchase with our easy returns policy.

Who are BN.com's Marketplace Sellers?

Our Sellers are people who choose to sell their items through BN.com. Sometimes they are professional sellers with thousands of items, and sometimes they are individual customers with just a few. Either way, BN.com establishes, monitors, and guarantees performance guidelines.

The items offered by these sellers are sold by and shipped by the Sellers themselves. BN.com does not take possession of Sellers' items; we facilitate the transaction between the Sellers and our customers.

Who ships my item, BN.com or the Marketplace Seller?

Items purchased from our Sellers are shipped directly to you by the Seller offering the item for sale. In this case, BN.com processes the order and notifies the Seller; we do not take possession of your item. Also, please be aware that because these items are sourced from physical stores or professional retailers, they are subject to prior sale, in which case your order will be cancelled or refunded. For other details on shipping, see the Shipping help section.

What is the difference between the B&N Marketplace and Rare & Collectible Collection?

The Rare & Collectible Collection is a subdivision of the Marketplace - these items also come from our Authorized Sellers, so all of the same terms and policies apply. The primary difference is that the items are vetted for their value and categorization as rare and collectible.

What options are available for shipping Marketplace items?

The following four shipping options are available for Marketplace items. (Note that not every Seller offers all four options. Please check the shipping information provided with each listing for details.)

Shipping Option Estimated Shipping Time* Per-Item Shipping Cost (Books) Per-Item Shipping Cost (Music & Movies) Per-Item Shipping Cost (General Merchandise)
Standard Domestic 4-14 business days $3.99 $2.98 Calculated at Checkout
Express Domestic 3-6 business days $6.99 $4.99 Calculated at Checkout
Canadian 6-20 business days $8.95 $7.95 Calculated at Checkout
International 4-6 weeks $19.95 $13.95 N/A

*Estimated Shipping Time is from the date of shipment. Marketplace items ship within 2 business days from the date that the order was placed.

For more information, please see the Shipping help section.

When can I expect my Marketplace item to arrive?

Sellers must ship any item that has been ordered from them within 2 business days of being notified of the order. Customers can determine when to expect delivery of a Marketplace order by adding 2 business days to the time frame associated with the shipping option chosen for that order and counting forward from the date of the order. The shipping time frame associated with each shipping option can be found by clicking here. Business Days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays observed by the U.S. Postal Service. Any information needed about a particular shipment can be obtained by contacting the Seller fulfilling the item in question. Sellers have the most up to date information about orders for items that they provide. For information about contacting Sellers, click here. Please do not contact a Seller for information about the delivery of an order until the last date within the time frame for estimated delivery has passed.

Who bills me, BN.com or the Seller?

All transactions are processed using the secure servers of BN.com - none of your payment information ever reaches the Seller. Once charged, your credit card statement will display the following: BARNES & NOBLE BOOKQUEST-866-257-7723 NJ.

What payment methods can be used for these orders?

The following payment methods are available for Marketplace orders:
  • Credit Card
  • Pay by Phone
  • Barnes & Noble Gift Card and Gift Certificate
The following payment methods and discounts are not applicable for Marketplace orders:
  • MasterCard Rewards Points
  • Barnes & Noble Membership
  • Student Advantage
  • Free Shipping promotions
  • BN.com Coupons

Why can't I cancel my order?

Once a Seller has been notified of your order, that order cannot be canceled through BN.com. This is because Sellers begin the process of shipping an item soon after they are notified that the item has been purchased.

Some orders can be canceled by contacting the Seller directly before the order has been shipped. Sellers are not obligated to cancel orders that are already in process, but they may be able to help you in some instances. To find the email address of the seller of your item, sign in to the Order Status page and click "Check Status" next to your item. The detail page will include contact information for the seller.

If you are not able to cancel an item by contacting the seller directly before shipment, and you decide that you do not want the item, you may return it to the Seller in its original condition for a refund. See our Returns Policy for more information.

What is the returns policy for Marketplace orders?

Marketplace items are shipped directly from our Sellers. If a return is necessary, the customer must ship the item back to the Seller who provided it at the address listed on the packing slip that came with the item. Returns should not be sent to BN.com or brought to a Barnes & Noble retail store.

In order to receive your refund:

Purchases from one of our Sellers will come with a packing slip. This piece of paper will have the address of the Seller and instructions on how to return the item. If your package did not include a packing slip, you may contact the Seller to request their address. To do so, sign in to the Order Status page and select "Check Status" next to your item. The detail page will include the Seller's email address.

The seller will process your refund through BN.com if you:
  • Return the item in the same condition in which you received it.
  • Return the item within 30 days of receiving it.
  • We will credit your account once the Seller has processed the return through the BN.com system.
  • Returns will be refunded in the form of the original payment method.

Can I contact a Seller directly?

A customer can contact a Seller after he or she has purchased an item from that Seller. To contact the Seller of an item that you have ordered, sign in to the Order Status page, find the order in question, and click on the "Check Status" link. On the resulting Order Details page you will find the Seller's email address. The Seller's email address is also contained in the email that notifies the customer of when the Seller has accepted the order and confirmed the shipping date.

How long should it take for a Seller to respond to my email?

Since our Sellers handle many orders and inquiries, it may take up to 2 business days for a seller to respond.

What are Details from the Seller?

Each Marketplace listing on BN.com contains information called "Details from the Seller." These details represent the most accurate information available about the items that we display on our site. If there is any discrepancy between the Seller's details and the other information shown, consider the Seller's details to be the most accurate. This section contains "Comments" - a detailed description of the item's condition as provided by the Seller offering the item for sale. Any particular defects will be noted here. Sometimes Sellers will use this area to list two conditions, separated by a slash ("/") - for instance, "Very Good/Good." In this case, the first term refers to the condition of the item; the second refers to an attribute of the item, like a book's dust jacket. This section also contains the title and author provided by the seller, if available.

Will the cover of the item that I receive look like the image of the cover on the site?

If the Seller supplies us with a book's ISBN/UPC number (the unique number publishers provide for each edition they publish), we will display any available enhanced content related to the corresponding title, such as reviews, excerpts, page count, or a cover image.

Please bear in mind that this content may not represent the exact edition being offered for sale. This can occur if:
  • The seller has provided a representative ISBN/UPC instead of the actual one
  • The publisher has re-used the ISBN/UPC from an earlier edition
  • The ISBN was entered incorrectly
Also, a cover image is provided as an example of what the "new" book looked like. The used book's actual cover may differ from the cover image we display, or the cover may be missing altogether. Please see the Details from the Seller area on each product page for more accurate information provided directly by the Seller.

What are the book conditions and other terms used by Sellers?

Our Glossary and list of Common Abbreviations contains a variety of book terms and their definitions. Conditions provides standards for describing the current state of an item.

How can I get a receipt for my Marketplace purchase?

To print a receipt, visit our Order Status page and click "Check Status" within the Orders Completed section. The resulting page can serve as a receipt

Does the Safe Shopping Guarantee apply to Marketplace purchases?

Yes. Just like new items sold on BN.com, all Marketplace purchases are covered by the Safe Shopping Guarantee. Please note that all transactions are processed using the secure servers of BN.com - none of your payment information ever reaches the seller.