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Gift Options

Can every product be wrapped?

All items can be wrapped except for the following:
  • Gift Cards and Gift Certificates
  • NOOK Books
  • Items purchased from an authorized seller
  • Barnes & Noble Memberships
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Digital Magazines
  • SparkNotes
  • Quamut Charts
  • Audiobook MP3s
  • Other PDF Files

What does gift-wrapping cost?

You can gift-wrap any eligible items in your order for $3.99 each. Eligible items will have a check box next to them on the Gift Options page.

Can I send a message with the gift?

Each wrapped item will have a gift tag attached to it. If you enter a message during Checkout, it will appear on the tag.

If you leave the message field blank during Checkout, the gift tag will still be attached to the wrapped item. So, if you are sending a gift directly to a recipient, you may want to include a message. If these wrapped items are being shipped to you, you can either write your message by hand or remove the tag.

Can I send a message without having an item wrapped?

Yes, in most cases. Gift messages are free and can accompany any eligible items in your order. Messages for unwrapped items will appear on the packing slip of your order. At this time, however, if you send a magazine subscription as a gift, there is no way to attach a message to the subscription.

Can I wrap a Gift Card or Gift Certificate?

No. Gift Cards and Gift Certificates cannot be wrapped, but they can be sent with an accompanying message.

Can I send a gift anonymously?

All packing slips include the billing address of the person placing the order in the event merchandise is returned.

Will gift-wrapping add to the delivery time on my order?

While there is no shipping delay for gift-wrapped book orders, some DVDs, CDs and Print On Demand Books may require extra processing of up to 3 days. Items that require extra time are marked with the following text: "Having this item gift-wrapped? See details."

Can I have NOOK gift wrapped?