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Getting Started

If you are a publisher or self-published author who would like to sell your books through Barnes & Noble.com, you must become a Vendor of Record with our warehouse.

We also require bibliographic information to list your books, as well as other content to help promote each title. Find out how to submit bibliographic information along with covers, reviews, catalog copy, excerpts, and more in How to Submit Content.

Please note: The Vendor and Content programs listed above only cover books, books on tape, and books on CD. To find out how to list DVDs, CDs, or magazines, or NOOK Books at B&N.com, choose from the links below: Need More Help?
Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you still need to contact us, please email PublisherAuthorInquiry@BN.com or call our Publisher Services Information line at (732) 656-7285.