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How to Become a Vendor of Record

Becoming a Vendor of Record
In order to establish a stocking relationship with our warehouse, you must print and complete our Publisher Information form. Return the completed form to Barnes & Noble Distribution. The address is on the questionnaire.

Initial Orders and Stocking Levels
After reviewing your list of titles, we will place an initial order for up to two (2) copies of each eligible title (those that have an assigned ISBN, a retail price greater than $1.00, and a hardcover or paperback binding). Subsequent demand will determine the proper stocking level. Once we establish your company as a Vendor of Record for the warehouse, you will receive an initial purchase order.

Please do not ship any books until you receive a purchase order from us.

Retail Store Placement
If you would like your title to be considered for placement in Barnes & Noble stores, please submit a copy of the book (no manuscripts, please), along with marketing and promotion plans, trade reviews, and a note describing what makes the book unique, to:
The Small Press Department
Barnes & Noble, Inc.
122 Fifth Ave
New York, NY 10011
Need More Help?
Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page. For help with shipping books and other products to be sold in our stores and online, please review our Vendor Shipping Guidelines. If you still need to contact us, please email PublisherAuthorInquiry@BN.com or call our Publisher Services Information line at (732) 656-7285.