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Can I submit books for consideration for publishing at Barnes & Noble?

Barnes & Noble acquired Sterling Publishing in 2003, providing the company with the publishing or distribution rights to nearly 10,000 titles. Sterling has an active list of more than 5,000 owned and distributed titles, and annually publishes and distributes more than 1,100 new titles. Please visit the Sterling Publishing website, www.sterlingpub.com, for details on the Sterling Publishing program and submission guidelines.

What is an ISBN and how do I get one?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. We use ISBNs to track inventory and sales information. To get an ISBN, contact:
ISBN Agency
630 Central Avenue
New Providence, NJ 07974
Or visit www.ISBN.org.

How do I get sales data for my title?

Barnes & Noble.com does not supply any direct sales data. However, you can get Barnes & Noble.com sales and/or store sales from Nielsen BookScan. Nielsen BookScan operates the world's first continuous retail sales monitoring service for books, with purchase information representing sales through a majority of the major retailers each week. In a typical week, sales of over 300,000 different titles are collected, coded and analyzed, producing complete market information for retailers, publishers and the media. For more information:

Author and Publisher Inquiries: Please contact Brianna Buckley at Brianna.Buckley@nielsen.com.

How do I get my new and forthcoming books into Barnes & Noble stores?

Please visit www.barnesandnobleinc.com/for_authors/how_to_work_with_bn/how_to_work_with_bn.html.

How can my title be considered for an author event, and what makes a successful event?

Click here for information on how to be considered for an author event. Our most successful events occur when authors take active roles in promoting their appearances in our stores. Some ways to market your title might include word of mouth and email notices. Networking with local news media and neighborhood organizations can be essential to a title's promotion.

I am an author interested in selling my books at Barnes & Noble.com. Whom should I contact?

Talk to your publisher, wholesaler, or distributor and have them contact the Barnes & Noble Distribution Center. We are always interested in stocking new titles.

Why is my title not available on Barnes & Noble.com?

If your title is in our database, our website will show a title as "currently available" only if there is stock in our warehouse, or if it is available from a wholesaler. Remember, there is always a window of time between when a book is ordered and when it is available on the website. At those times, the website will show a title as "A new copy is not available from Barnes & Noble.com."

How does my book get on Barnes & Noble.com?

Barnes & Noble.com receives data feeds from multiple sources for our website, including Bowker's Books In Print, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, etc.

How do I correct or update information on the product page for my book?

If you have any corrections, you can email them to corrections@barnesandnoble.com. Remember to include the ISBN in all your correspondence and to be specific about the changes that need to be made. Please include your name and contact number for verification purposes. If you would like to add content such as a "From the Publisher" description or cover images, please send them to titles@bn.com.

How do I correct or update information on the Meet the Writers page?

Please send an email to writers@book.com. Be sure to include the new text and/or photo. Please include your name and contact number for verification purposes.

When is a title selected for "pre-order" on Barnes & Noble.com?

Barnes & Noble.com begins pre-selling titles 120 days prior to publication.

How can an author/publisher utilize the Barnes & Noble.com search engine?

Our search engine is constantly updated. It takes a number of factors into consideration when searching for titles and categories, including sales rank, customer reviews, subtitles, and publication date. Supplying the most recent and correct title data, including BISAC or LOC (Library of Congress) codes, affects a book's placement in our search engine matrix.

How is sales rank determined on Barnes & Noble.com?

Barnes & Noble.com ranks books daily based on rolling six months of sales data. Sales ranking will change as new books are added to the database. If there are no sales during a particular amount of time, or if other titles have more sales, a title can lose its ranking.

How can an author or publisher participate in the Barnes & Noble Book Clubs?

A limited number of titles are selected by the editors for formal discussion in the free online Book Clubs. Other authors are welcome to participate in the discussion at any time, but we have found that the authors who participate in existing discussions have more success finding readers than those who merely post to promote their books.

How do I get my book reviewed or recommended on Barnes & Noble.com?

Titles that are reviewed on Barnes & Noble.com are independently chosen. The Barnes & Noble editors reach out to publishers when they are interested in a book. There is no submission process. The recommendations on the website are in line with what is being promoted in the stores, or are supplemented by the staff based on sales trends for the genre.

How can I add a third party book review onto Barnes & Noble.com?

Please send the ISBN of the book and a fair-use excerpt of the review you want entered to titles@bn.com. Please make sure the source of the review is cited in the email. All submissions are subject to verification.

How do I get titles in the New Releases section on Barnes & Noble.com?

Titles that are placed in the New Releases section are independently chosen. The Barnes & Noble editors reach out to publishers when they are interested in a book. There is no submission process.

How can an international publisher make their titles available on Barnes & Noble.com?

If you are an international vendor and would like to add your publication(s) to the selection of titles offered on Barnes & Noble.com, we encourage you to pursue the services of a major wholesaler or distributor within the U.S., or one of our overseas partners that best suits your geographic region. To assist you in locating a distribution partner, we have listed the companies that Barnes & Noble has existing business relationships with (view/download this PDF).

How does Barnes & Noble.com set the price for my book?

Barnes & Noble.com uses a combination of proprietary pricing technology and merchant planning to set a price for all products on the website. Prices are set irrespective of what the publisher pays the author in royalties, so our price in no way impacts what you receive in proceeds from the sale.