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DVDs at B&N.com

How to Sell DVDs at Barnes & Noble.com
1. All DVDs sold at Barnes & Noble.com must have a 12-digit Universal Product Code (UPC). Without a UPC, your DVD cannot be listed on our site. To learn more about obtaining a UPC, visit http://www.uc-council.org/ean_ucc_system.
2. Alliance Entertainment supplies all sales data relating to DVDs sold at Barnes & Noble.com. Therefore, you must have your DVD listed by Alliance Entertainment in order to appear on our site.
3. To ensure that your DVD appears on our site as available for purchase, Alliance Entertainment must have your DVD in stock or on order. If Alliance Entertainment lists your data but does not have your DVD in stock or on order, your DVD can still appear our site as available for purchase, provided that our other DVD fulfillment partner, Baker & Taylor Entertainment, has your DVD in stock.
To contact Alliance Entertainment, email artist.solicitation@aent.com.