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The B&N Marketplace gives BN.com customers access to tens of millions of used, new, out of print, and rare & collectible items provided by independent Sellers. When you purchase an item from one of our Sellers, that Seller will ship your order directly to you. Direct shipping saves you money and ensures faster delivery. BN.com facilitates your transaction, guaranteeing the security of your payment information and covering your purchase with our easy returns policy.

As one of the largest seller networks anywhere, the B&N Marketplace is committed to providing you with a truly comprehensive selection of listings.

You can find Marketplace items directly on eacy product page. And for many items, you'll find multiple listings, all with information on each item's price and condition. When you purchase one of these items, BN.com contacts the seller for you, and the item is sent directly to you or to another address you supply.

Learn more by reading our Marketplace FAQs.