The Hanging in the Hotel (Fethering Series #5)

The Hanging in the Hotel (Fethering Series #5)

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by Simon Brett

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Jude and Carole Seddon investigate an elitist, hard-drinking group of businessmen after the suspicious suicide of the one of their inductees.


Jude and Carole Seddon investigate an elitist, hard-drinking group of businessmen after the suspicious suicide of the one of their inductees.

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Publishers Weekly
Prolific British author Brett's fifth Fethering mystery (after 2003's Murder in the Museum) featuring Carole Seddon offers comfortable pacing and plenty of plot twists. Carole's pal Jude Nichols bails out an old friend by waiting tables at the Hopwicke Country House Hotel, once the playground of the very rich and very famous. Hopwicke and its owner, former model Suzy Longthorne, have fallen on hard times since 9/11, and the hotel has been forced to accept a far less sophisticated clientele, like the Pillars of Sussex men's club. The Pillars have a long and spotty history of philanthropy, but are far better known as a group of carousing gentlemen with friends in high places. When a possible inductee is found hanged in his room, only Jude believes it wasn't a suicide. The Pillars all tell the same story, the police are convinced with little investigation and even Suzy, who found a threatening note before the inductee's death, suddenly clams up. Jude turns to Carole, and the two try to untangle a tightening web of lies. The entertaining supporting cast includes a chef with attitude and a slew of solicitors, one of whom is maddeningly smitten with Carole. Agent, Jane Chelius. (Aug. 3) Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
A convivial group of misogynists check into the Hopwicke Country House Hotel. One checks out early. Sometime around 3 a.m., Nigel Ackford, after drinking way too much as a guest at the Pillars of Sussex men-only dinner, retires to his room in the posh hotel owned by former model Suzy Longthorne. Kerry, the teenager filling in as a chambermaid until a big break makes her a rock star, discovers him swinging from the four-poster, his head decidedly askew. Eager to quash any bad publicity, Suzy, her ex-hubby, former rocker turned TV pop music critic Rick, Suzy's celebrity chef Max, Pillars clubmen Donald Chew and Bob Hartson, and the West Sussex constabulary all insist it's suicide. But Suzy's friend Jude, the self-appointed Fethering area crime-stopper who'd been helping out the short-staffed (and -funded) Suzy, immediately suspects murder. With the assistance of her neighbor Carole Seddon (The Torso in the Town, 2002, etc.), Jude eventually establishes a timetable of who was sleeping where, when, and with whom, and assigns motives to everybody, ranging from a cover-up of homosexuality to revenge for thwarted stardom to solicitor duplicity. There'll be another death, a vexing attempt at seduction, and a first meeting with her son's fiancee for Carole to deal with before the red herrings are dispatched in a burst of silliness. Smatterings of the Brett wit don't compensate for gaping plot holes and emphatically distasteful attitudes toward homosexuality. Agent: Jane Chelius/Jane Chelius Agency

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Hanging in the Hotel (Fethering Series #5) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A seemingly unsolvable mystery where two deaths appear not to be murder, but Jude and Carole think otherwise. Find a surprise ending to this tale.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
Former model Suzy Longthorne owns the Hopwicke County House Hotel. She was doing quite well until 9/11 caused a major drop in travel. The once exclusive hotel turned to a different type of client to stay afloat. In addition, helping Suzy at times is her friend Jude who fills in when a waitress calls in sick and her pal is short handed.----- The last time Jude worked at the hotel, the Pillars of Sussex, an exclusive men¿s club with plenty of influence, held their meeting there. Nigel Petford, a junior lawyer, is thrilled to be a guest of the illustrious club as he expects membership to be forthcoming. In his celebration, he overindulges with alcohol and Jude has to take the cheerful man to his room. The next day, Jude checks to see if Nigel is okay only to find him dead with a curtain rope around his neck. The police assume suicide, but Jude knows how elated Nigel was and believes it was homicide. Jude obtains the help of her pal Carole as she investigates the club and others, but everyone lies.----- Gifted author Simon Brett shows why he is a grandmaster of the amateur sleuth sub-genre with this delightful who-done-it filled with twists, red herrings, and false clues. Jude and Carole are total opposites, but together make quite a team as their solid friendship serves as the bedrock in their dangerous escapade. THE HANGING IN THE HOTEL is full of viable suspects with the opportunity, many of whom are almost untouchable, but what makes the case is finding the motive.----- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
First let me preface my review with the statement that I am not too fond of mysteries set in England. Since this is set in England, it doesn¿t surprise me that I had some trouble reading it. If you like series set in England, you will probably like it more than I. The Hopwicke Country House Hotel has hit some hard times. Owner Suzy Longthorne has reduced her staff and has had to welcome groups she might not have in the past. The Pillars of Sussex, an elitist men¿s group, is one such group. They are holding one of their social gatherings at the hotel. Since it will revolve around much drinking, they have all booked rooms for the night. Jude has been hired by her friend Suzy to help with waitressing the event. She helps Nigel, a young man supposedly an initiate for Pillar membership, up to his room after having drunk too much. He talks about wanting to marry Wendy. The next morning Jude discoverrs him hanging from the beam of the four-poster bed in his room. It is determined it to be suicide. Jude does not agree. She enlists her friend Carole to help her investigate. She feels he was murdered. Jude and Carole are constantly stymied by people giving them information on their whereabouts the night he died, and especially as the stories change to hide the truth. Suzy is concerned about the reputation of the hotel and refuses to cooperate with Jude. At times I found it tough to keep up with all the characters in this book. I also found the differences of how we speak and write in America versus England difficult. I like the way Jude and Carole work together in this series. I recommend this book to those that like mysteries set in England.