The Medusa Project (Silhouette Bombshell #31)

The Medusa Project (Silhouette Bombshell #31)

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by Cindy Dees

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The Medusa Project by Cindy Dees released on Jan 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.


The Medusa Project by Cindy Dees released on Jan 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

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Medusa Project , #1
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Cindy Dees started flying airplanes while sitting in her dad's lap at the age of three and got a pilot's license before she got her driver's license. At age 15, she dropped out of high school and left the horse farm in Michigan where she grew up to attend the University of Michigan.

After earning a degree in Russian and East European studies, she joined the U.S. Air Force and became the youngest female pilot in the history of the Air Force. She flew supersonic jets, VIP airlift, and the C-5 Galaxy, the world's largest airplane. She also worked part-time gathering intelligence. During her military career, she traveled to 42 countries on five continents, was detained by the KGB and East German secret police, got shot at, flew in the first Gulf War, met her husband and amassed a lifetime's worth of war stories.

Her hobbies include professional Middle Eastern dancing, Japanese gardening and medieval reenacting. She started writing on a one-dollar bet with her mother and was thrilled to win that bet with the publication of her first book in 2001. She loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at

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Medusa Project (Silhouette Bombshell #31) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
slithers More than 1 year ago
This is a great book - well written, with plausible, interesting characters and great adventure. It doesn't shy away from addressing sexism in the military, but still has a very positive message for women. There are 2 flaws which don't detract from the story, but bothered me a little: 1. There is an unnecessary and unprofessional romance (or more of a sexual tension) between the main character and her trainer/superior, which undermines the women-belong-in-the-military message a little (but I'm sure some readers will like it). 2. Not unexpected (since author is military), but it perpetuates the myth that US Military (and Special Forces in particular) does campaigns/missions out of altruism to help protect the world, rather than to further US interests. Overall, I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who likes action-adventure, underdogs-beat-all-odds or female empowerment stories.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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harstan More than 1 year ago
Though she has risen to the rank of major in the Air Force, Vanessa Blake still dreams of becoming a Navy SEAL. She feels she is more than qualified to perform the missions once she receives her training, but no female has ever been selected as a SEAL at least until now. To her euphoria, Vanessa and an elite selected team of women have been chosen to be guinea pigs by forming a cell of female Seals, the Medusas................................. SEAL Lieutenant Colonel Jack Scatalone is skeptical about these women meeting the physical and mental demands. However, watching them work, Jack changes his mind as he becomes their biggest supporter. In particular he is attracted to Vanessa, but knows that does not interfere in his change of mind only a change of heart that he has found his mate. On a mission to rescue his team trapped in the Middle East, Jack is caught too. This time the brass sends the Medusas led by Vanessa to rescue the male SEALs................................. THE MEDUSA PROJECT is a terrific military gender bending thriller with the women making up the cavalry coming to the rescue of the besieged men. The story line is 98% testosterone (including the Medusas) and 2% romance mostly because the exploits are non-stop without time or location for much on the sheets. Thus the relationship between the two likable heroic protagonists is realistic rather than the usual life threatening scenario with time for a quick nip and tuck. Fans of thrillers starring SEALs will enjoy the action-packed THE MEDUSA PROJECT........................... Harriet Klausner