Pug Dog Breed Profile

Pug Dog Breed Profile

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by Kay Roberts

Choosing A Dog Breed - The Dog Breed Guide For The Pure Breed Dog Buyer

Want to know more about the dog you own or plan to acquire? Obviously, not all dog breeds are the same… A good dog breed guide will help you in choosing pure breed dogs that are most compatible with you and your family.

In this series of dog breed guides, you will…  See more details below


Choosing A Dog Breed - The Dog Breed Guide For The Pure Breed Dog Buyer

Want to know more about the dog you own or plan to acquire? Obviously, not all dog breeds are the same… A good dog breed guide will help you in choosing pure breed dogs that are most compatible with you and your family.

In this series of dog breed guides, you will discover…

* The personality of the dog breeds to help you determine if it will be compatible with your own…

* The origins or history of the breed to help you understand how they have evolved…

* How much exercise the breed requires to help you keep your dog fit and healthy…

* How much attention the breed needs to have its emotional needs met…

* Whether or not the breed is trainable to be a guard dog…

* How much grooming and clipping should be performed for the breed…

* What's the average life span of the breed…

* Any health issues typically found in the breed to help you prepare for visits to the vet…

Plus much more…

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lionstorm: Wildtail!!! Cloversong: ... Scratchscar: Where is Nightfury? And everyone else?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wildtail: its ok, we were too.. the kits.. are gone. Thrushpelt: *looks on solmely*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Umm.... what do you mean? What's going on with what?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not until you come back. :I You'll be hungry for today, sorry. Remember? Closets are good timeout places ;P
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jealous??? Over CHECKER???? Wow. BOTH of them are messed up. Because they don't know her irl! They just now the blabby "be nice" side of her! And how could he have gotten jealous if she treated both the same? AND WHY DON'T THEY LIKE VINEDAPPLE AND JADEFEATHER??? They r twins irl too. Oh! You know what's funny? Jadef, Vined, Dreamp, and Wishf are all sisters Jade and Vine are twins, Dream and Wish are twins (its a fam thing its weird, their mom has a twin) and they are all in the same grade because the older two W&D are born in the summer. And they all at one point liked Grassscar. They all liked him at one time for a week before Wishflower decided she liked Vinestorm instead. Vine and Jade both still like Grassscar :P hahahahaha! Okay well both crescent and checker are going to die anyway in rp. Me narrating irl conversation- Crescent: I'M getting killed! I said first! Pepper: Um. No ones dying. (Woot go Pepper!) Checker: Um well I left first! Crescent: So??? ......... I started posting first! Checker: But PLEASE! *sobs and sobs and ugh.* Crescent: Mi, don't cry! You and Savageheart remember! You HAVE to stay! Checker: Are you forgetting Blazeheart? Crescentwing: *eyes grow wide* h-he understands! Will understand! I NEEEED to die! Checkerfern: So do I! Fine! If they kill you, I'LL kill myself! End. Of. Story. *stomps to a room and slams the door and screams in pillow so loud I can hear two rooms away* ta-da! But omg they never fight! But this is a likely arguement. About who gets a punishment. Me no me!:I let me see if I can get Sandy to post...
CheckerMi More than 1 year ago
We have no idea about the dynasty so can you fill us in on them real quick so we know what we are doing? Inactiveness consequences. Ugg when will they end :( Drynettle: Are we cats or humans are they cats or.humans what's the story? We were gonna post but then checker posted hi Bloodcrush and so we had to delete that post... we have no idea what the dynasty is... help!
Soilsplash-Jaden More than 1 year ago
Hmm lol Darkbramble has probably had detention every single day. Darkbramble: No! Not in elementary school... Calmwater: They didn't give detentions. :I lol Darkbramble: I "owed time" though. Graytalon: Sandy says go away. Pepperstone: No! She says hi back. She said go away to Graytalon because he's an annoying brother. Graytalon: like Apollo does any better! He sits. Calmwater: No. He plays video games. Graytalon: Yea? And? Calmwater: Well. I was just saying. Whose Christian? Pepperstone: *facepalm* Darkbramble: :I Calmwater: OH! Guess what? Darkbramble: We don't care shutz up. Calmwater: Okay :(
JadefVinedWishfDreamp More than 1 year ago
At least you're all smarter than me. Petalflight: lol. Mason: Well, seriously he ran out screaming from a show rated G. Graytalon: *sighs* Sandy won't post... Pepperstone: Neither will Crescent... or Darkbramble. Calmwater: Watch this. Darkbramble: What? Where? >:I lies. Calmwater: *huggles brother* PLEAAAAASE???? For meeee? Darkbramble: No. Bye. Calmwater: Aw.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Petalflighty More than 1 year ago
I think so... she's really good friends with Calmwater and she left. She's on the site... I'm pretty sure she'll be back as soon as she realizes what she left behind. Jadefeather: why does ur bro hate u, Jadefeather? Vinedapple: OH! You guys are like twins! Hateful, same names and a sibling hates you! Jadefeather: O: you are soooo mean... Vinedapple: I'M CHECKERFERN'S MESSENGER!!! Ohhh do we get to make stories like, "Sandy died by getting eaten by a ninja," or something? I call doing Calmwater's! Brackenscratch: O: Harsh. Vinedapple: She ate way too many brownies and couldn't fit them all in so she exploded(finally)!!! Calmwater: Okay, that was mean! :( ihave left but that doesn't mean I don't exist at all! Honeysong: Petalflight pads in and- Petalflight: Continue and you'll be dying both irl and online. Hi, Nightstar. :) Scratchscar: Hey! I'm petal's messenger! Petalflight: I don't need one right now! I'm saying goodbyez... :(
Mountainfur-IC More than 1 year ago
Uggggg I'm aloooooooone. Petal, Autumny, Calmy, and Andrew have left :( Jadefeather: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brookheart: :( its not fair. Serpentfang: I'M STILL HERE??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brackenscratch: ehh... Serpentfang: Wow. Okay, I get it. :I
Lynxcloud-LC More than 1 year ago
Wolffang, Sandy doesn't want to be your mate anymore. She says having a mate is too complicated and dramatic. :) Graytalon: Okay, no she didn't! Shutz up! Shardclaw: Oh right, actually she wants to be my gf so she can't have a mate :I Graytalon: Okay he lies. Sandy isn't choosing for herself so she's confused. She still loves you, Wolffang, she's just confused. She's left voluntarily but will be active on the site today. she left because Crescentwing and Darkbramble left. most people left because Crescent, Darkbramble, and Checkerfern left. The people who left already are posted in a blog online. If you want to reach them post to a sibling or something :I I'm sandy's bro... so she still wants her mate she just is looking around and seeing like all this dramatic romance c r * p. SCRATCHSCAR: MY SISTER IS LEAVING!!!!!!!!!!!! O: O: D: Pepperstone: Skyheart, your mate is buying pickles, sorry I threatened him with a pan... I'm Crescentwing's messenger btw. Vinedapple: I'm Checkerfern's messenger. *sighs* Cloversong: :( uggg having a mate is dramatic! Grrr! I hate Thrushpelt. No nvm I love him. No... yes... but... GRR! Whitestream: :( sorry... :( he loved you before! Cloversong: HE LIED NO HE NEVER DID!!! Vinedapple: Drama and complication. Lol :P I see Sandy's point even if she's suffering peer pressure. Poor Lia. :( oh and as Checkerfern's messenger, Checkerfern says bye to Savageheart. Autumny: Petal says sorry to Nightstar and that she loves him very very very (a lot of very's) much. Calmwater says Bye to all friends.
Cloversong-Whitey More than 1 year ago
YOU LEAVE MY MATE ALONE, NIGHTFURY!!!!!!! YOUR SIS IS BARELY ACTIVE UNLESS SHE SAYS SOMETHING ABOUT HOW TOMBOYISH YOU ARE OR SOMETHING AND YOU'VE BEEN INACTIVE FOREVER SKYHEART COULDN'T HAVE POSSIBLY KNOWN THERE WAS ALREADY ANOTHER SKYHEART!!! Jadefeather: This is what you call irony. Drynettle: Are you sure??? Jadefeather: well sorta I guess. Scratchscar: Smokefur, I'm seriously going to murder you. >:( Vinedapple: OMG defensive mates! XD! Sandyfeather's mate??? Who is Sandy's mate??? Umm...
Seadapple-F_F More than 1 year ago
*presses close to Spidy* it wasn't so chaotic then. :( I miss that... it was easier for me to find you :) at least I still have you. And Frostglimmer, Olivefrost, and Gentlestep. *purrs and rubs cheek against hers* I love you. And the kits. I love you sooooooo much. Scratchscar: Oooooh are you Spidystar now??? Brackenscratch: >:I Scratchscar: Well. Anyway. Auto just texted meh, she's at Starbucks just one block away.
EaglefallXCF More than 1 year ago
*slips tail out of Frostglimmer's grasp and flicks her nose with it* I'm staying :) and I remember that too :) Sweetleaf: That was soooo funny and cute. I remember. She said, "I need to take the mouse to mommy!" And he said, - Serpentfang: You give me anymore memories you will be so sad- Brackenscratch: Umm... Songpaw and Mountainfur are on their way to Whitestream's house to get her. But... we need Wildtail... for her brother... Cloversong to Blackstar: What about Thrushpelt? Wait. Am I posting in the right book? Autumny: lol Cloversong: Where is he??? :( Jadefeather: ......... Firetooth: I BLAME DARKBRAMBLE, JADEFEATHER, POISONCLAW, PETALFLIGHT, AND JADEF-supporters FOR MAKING ME LEAVE!!!!!! Rawr you fuc- Pepperstone: We are not swearing please. Jadefeather: Harsh :( Eaglefrost: looool hmm...
Cloversong More than 1 year ago
Our post didn't post :I Darkbramble, Calmwater, Morningpaw, Demonclaw, Checkerfern, Sandyfeather, Crescentwing, Graytalon, ...... lots of people just left voluntarily... umm... I told Jadef to go d I e I n a h o l e and she's crying. But Harefoot and Bearheart are allowed to stay confirmed by their parents. I'm staying, Pumafang, and Sweetleaf because Jadef has no contact with my parents... and Tigerstrike can stay because he has a twenty year old sister. idk how that works but he just texted me saying that??? I guess??? Firetooth, idk about, Songpaw, not likely since she's ten. Umm... Stormtalon: No... Auto gets everything she wants so... Brackenscratch: I love you, Spidy :) I'm staying for you :) Eaglefrost: Morningpaw and Palmpaw left. O: wowz.... they are so... :( Drynettle: Ohhh maybe we get to stay cuz we have an eighteen year old sister! Stormtalon: *glares* Do you go to school? Drynettle: O: Houndclaw: I'm leaving. Goodbyez. Tigerstrike: I get to stay because my sister is 20 so she's awesome and she can cover for me! XD! Serpentfang: I can't believe Logan left. Watch. When Goldendust is active, he'll come back immediately. Harefoot: Mudsplash? I can stay! I love you :) and are you okay???? O: O: O: Sunstrike: Thrushpelt's mate is Cloversong. She is obsessed with him. Why? Cloversong: ... I'm scared. Bad news??? And Whitestream left voluntarily... :I sorry... she left with her brother, Wildtail's mate.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
*walks over and speaks formally* Hi. Well, IvyClan is at the first result when you search for bunny rabbit. Why? Hi Darkbramble! *attempts a wave* *epic fail*
lastpostfour More than 1 year ago
No. We all use phones for different posts depending where we're at. Like right now I'm using Dreampool's phone. Its confusing. Ratwhisker: I love you, Starsplash :) Jadefeather: We are NOT forgiving your twin. But you didn't do anything. Well the next post is the last post.
Lynxcloud-RC More than 1 year ago
This isn't over a name anymore. She can keep the name. She just called us sickos and b * t c h e s and said we were tearing this clan apart and it was much better without us. That's why we're leaving. Apparently its much better without us. And she's your daughter???? O: Harefoot: I. Love. You. Mudsplash. :( I'll miss you. I love you lots and lots. Bearheart: Why aren't you allowed to be here? Brookheart: Awwwww! Serpentfang: Dawnpelt... :) I'm sorry... :( Honeysong: ..... Brookheart: Thornblaze, you're so cute :) Lionstorm: Uhhh...... Brookheart: What? He calls me Brookie!!! That's sooooo adorable! Lionstorm: *raises eyebrows* Brookheart: Oh come on. Your jealous because you can't call Wildtail anything like that. Lionstorm: O: Darkbramble: Jess, you remind me of Selena Gomez. Brookheart: O: Darkbramble: OW! Clawscar: Isn't that a compliment? Darkbramble: Apparently not to her. Brookheart: *glares at Logan* Serpentfang: Okay, I swear I'll hurt you, Jadef. Jadefeather: O: Serpentfang: I'm not leaving. Not after what happened last time I did :( I'm not leaving. Brookheart: same. Thornblaze is too lovable to leave alone. Eaglefrost: lol Morningpaw: Where is Burntpelt??? :*( Petalflight: ... Vinedapple: I'm not going. Nada. Nope. No. I like Grassscar,sorry. Jadefeather: O: Darkbramble: I LOVE GOLDENDUST SO I SWEAR I'LL NEVER BE A CREEP AGAIN IF YOU LET ME STAY WITH HER, I SWEAR I'LL CHANGE MYSELF COMPLETELY IF IT MEANS I GET TO STAY WITH HER!!!!! Autumny: I have soooo many friends here... Checkerfern: :*( I can't choose between staying or leaving... I'm not in this. So, basically, I'm leaving. Sorry, Autumny. Byez... :( Slitherfoot: Same. Orchidsong: Because you love her :( Slitherfoot: Shutz up. Fine I'm staying. For Rose. Orchidsong: :D Sandyfeather: Why are there two Wolffangs??? Which one is mine? The first one? I'm confused. Dreampool: I have a question. Why is Bloodcrush evil now? Checkerfern: ...? Owltalon: WHERE IS SIL????????????????????????? Calmwater: Calm down. Can someone say goodbye to Falconscreech for me??? Brackenscratch: Why are we leaving? Jadef is this for attention? O.o Jadefeather: O: Brackenscratch: lol I'm mad :( you are way too dramatic :(
LastPosts1 More than 1 year ago
To Sparkle: Only two people did that. And they are immature and sixteen. They've been doing that since they started posting and the one who started it had four of the most loyal, kind she-cats wanting to be his mate because everyone ignored it. But that's like 1/100 for us. I didn't do anything the seven year old who cried til he was unconcious didn't do anything. When people got mad at Darkbramble they talked to HIM not our whole crew. And the last part of what you said, that's soooooooo gross but its like hating every apple you see just because the one you ate had a bruise in it. Do you get it? Just because one person did that doesn't mean everyone is horrible. That works for both of the situations. Darkbramble: I'm sorry but I do that a WHOLE bunch. Barrenclaw: Not around Goldendust. Darkbramble: doh. She'd get so psst. I love that girl okay? If you get her psst I swear I'll- I'm not going to swear, Sel! Crescentwing: :I Jadefeather to Spottedcloud: We tried that :I it doesn't work because I'm really defensive. And...Petalflight to Sparkle: Okay, you have NO idea how bad that boy gets. So technically you're lucky because you can't SEE what he does irl. Darkbramble: ..? I don't do anything. Okay, where's Golden? I need to say goodbye :( Jadefeather: ... Autumny: Well, my mates irl. But I love my friends on here :( Morningpaw: WHERE IS BURNTPELT??? DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE HE POSTS??? :( :( :( Songpaw: Olivefrost... Brackenscratch: Where is Spidy's crew? And NO I CANNOT POST IN PAPER CLIP CUZ I POST ON A FRICKEN PHONE AND I DON'T FRICKEN KNOW WHERE IT FRICKEN IS!!!!! Autumny: O: calm down. Vinedapple: Its snowing outside :) Checkerfern: Do you like Grassscar or not??? Vinedapple: I don't know :*( I don't think he likes me anymore. I think... nvm. Bye, friends D: Sandyfeather: Not saying bye. I'll never say bye. I'm staying. Pepperstone: ...
LastPost1 More than 1 year ago
Hey, I don't want to leave. But she said the clans were much better off without our crew. She called us sickos and b * t c h e s and more than half of us weren't even here. She said we were tearing this clan apart. That's why we're leaving. Okay? She doesn't hate me she hates me because I'm in a crew. And because Darkbramble was being immature and inappropriate again. Lol it wasn't as bad as last time tho. But we're leaving. DARKBRAMBLE: I'M SORRY I THOUGHT SHED IGNORE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DOES CAN I PLEEEEAAAASE STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What about Goldendust??? :( :( :( PLEAAASE!!! Clawscar: Berrythorn! I love you :( Jadefeather: Gawd. you guys are so depressing. Clawscar: I don't want to go... *k I l l s Taytay* Jadefeather: .... wow.... Scratchscar: Nightfury? Okay, I'm leaving because I'm in this crew and Jadef from thiscrew is psst off by the Jadefeather not in this crew because SHE'S A PREJUDICED MEANIE!!!!!!! Sorry, if I swear I get my tongue chopped off and shoved down my throat. So technically she called all of us sickos and b * t c h e s for something Darkbramble did. And Darkbramble does that stuff a lot but everyone ignores it I don't see why she couldn't. She also said it was much better without us and that we were tearing the clan apart. Apparently, Jadef takes that as a "get out" sign. So... :( *twines tails* I love you :) if you can try to convince her please try. I'm going to try irl... Jadefeather: Yea, he tries by screaming at me to shutz up and leave the crew the hail alone. Petalflight: I DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING WHY CAN'T I STAYYYYYYYY?????????????? Checkerfern: its NOT fair! Both of you Jadefeather's need to just ignore each other! Please? :( Jadefeather: OKAY I TRIED TO IGNORE HER BUT SHE CAME OVER AND APOLOGIZED THEN THE SECOND DARKBRAMBLE STARTED POSTING AGAIN SHE GOT ALL MAD AND UNFORGIVING I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING AND NO ONE DID DARKBRAMBLE WAS BEING HIMSELF AND HE'S ALWAYS DONE THAT SO I DON'T SEE WHY SHE CAN'T IGNORE IT LIKE THE WHOLE WORLD HAS BECAUSE APPARENTLY ITS EASY TO IGNORE IF HE'S GOT ONE OF THE NICE GIRLS AS HIS MATE!!! I'm sorry Goldendust is really nice. I mean like compare her to Brookheart. Brookheart: Yes, lemme give the example. PARTY ROCK IS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT!!!!! EVERYBODY JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!! AND WE GON MAKE YOU LOSE YOUR MIND!!! WE JUST WANNA SEE YOU...... SHAKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Pause) Everyday I'm shufflin! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!! Serpentfang: :I I have never done that. She hangs out with Logan okay??? Crescentwing: O: I can't believe we're leaving... and Jess, you need to calm down! Calmwater: Hey. I say that :( Harefoot: WHERE IS MUDSPLASH???????????????????????????
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hey sry i was inactive. Darkbramble wheres scratchscar.
last-posts-number-one More than 1 year ago
Tear this clan apart?!?!?! What have I DONE for you to think this up?!?!?! Geez! What is your problem? I've been here but not in the books you post in. Yea, I'm not inactive because I'm not skipping around in your world! For all we know, YOU are the one who waltzed into my life to make my friend's seven year old brother cry till he was unconcsious and blame me for TEARING THIS CLAN APART!!!!! HELLO??? THE ONLY PERSON I'VE TALKED TO IS YOU AND UNLESS YOU THINK THIS CLAN REVOLVES AROUND YOU THEN I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING BUT DEFEND MYSELF!!!!!!! You think you can just hate me and my friends just because we can't afford to buy a bunch of nooks and have to post on one account and not think we'll mind?!?! It HURTS our feelings when you are THAT prejudiced! I bet it'd have been worse if YOU said that to SILVERWING's crew. I'm being nice here. We were way better off before you even came! No one fought in their own clan! I never asked to talk to you and you think you're friendly by calling my friends sickos and b * t c h e s???!!!!!! I told you I didn't want to talk to you so if you were going to change your mind then you shouldn't have apologized in the first place! We didn't want your forgiveness is the first place! We didn't do anything! And you can't speak for the clan because only YOU think they were better off without us. Starsplash said herself she wouldn't be posting without her mate and Sil stayed inactive because hers was too! We were way better off without you too. Fine I'll leave. Okay??? Happy now? That means Nightstar's mate leaves, Blazeheart's, Dogwood's, Wolffang's, Sil's, Dawnpelt's, Nightfury's, Starsplash's, Spottedcloud's, Mudsplash's, Berrythorn's, Sil's, Goldendust's, Wolfsong's, Gash's, Spiderweb's, Windfeather's, Pondstorm's, Skyheart's, Darkleaf's, Wildtail's, Thrushpelt's, Vinestorm's... and other's friends. If you're better off without us then let's see. Just because you dislike us doesn't mean the world does. I'm nut we'll leave. I'll give my friends a chance to say goodbye and we'll leave. This time no one has to wait for us. Checkerfern: WHAT???!!!!!! But... but... :( I.... :( I need to tell Savageheart I love him Jadefeather: I know! I said you could say goodbye! Vinedapple: I'm NOT leaving! Jadefeather: You are not wanted. Autumny's crew is apparently tearing rc apart and is not wanted. Petalflight: I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE NIGHTSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; PLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :*( :*( :*( :*( :*( Jadefeather: *shrugs* Calmwater: Falconscreech? If you see this, I love you and I'll miss you. :) goodbye. Petalflight: O: We are NOT leaving!!! I'm seriously going to start crying! Nightstar????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! Serpentfang: She can't make us stop. Jadefeather: I can call all of your moms and dads and tell them you guys are posting on the web on phones. Owltalon: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I LOVE MY MATE WITH EVERY LAST BREATH AND THAT'S HOW LONG I'll BE WITH HER (okay maybe not REALLY but I have now) PLEASE!!! Jadefeather: You guys are HOPELESS! I almost don't want a mate. Ill give everyone four posts to say goodbye. Unless someone convinces me to stay and I'm not convincable so most likely we won't. Petalflight: NIGHTSTAR!!! I NEED YOU TO HELP ME CONVINCE HER PLEASE!!! I LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH AND I WANT TO STAY WITH YOU AS LONG AS I CAN SO PLEASE PLEASE....
Tornclaw-RC More than 1 year ago
Okay bye. Vinedapple: lol Jadefeather: And for your information, only three of us did anything, so you have no right to call me sick or anyone but Sike or Logan. Everyone else has learned to ignore their immaturity so I don't see why you don't want to try. Don't think we care about your "forgiveness" cuz I promise you, you'll never get mine. You don't like any of us just because we can't afford to buy every single one of us a nook so you probably don't like a lot of things and we aren't looking for people who want perfection. If I'm a sicko try checking yourself out first. Owltalon: Ouch. Dreampool: yup. Petalflight: :( You know you just called an innocent seven year old who looks like a puppy a b * t ch??? He's crying now. Scratchscar: :I Jadefeather: Really, there are more than just three people you just called a b * t c h. Scratchscar: :I Jadefeather: Whatevz. Lol Vinedapple: OH GAWD MY SHOW IS ON!!!!! Dreampool: loooool