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by Yolanda M. Johnson

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It's time to move on and that's exactly what Renee Matthews is trying to do. Last year, her mother interrupted her wedding to tell her that over thirty years ago, she had been intimate with her fiancé and Renee was the result of that intimacy.

Barbara Jean Jackson will do everything she can to ensure that her daughter's life is as miserable as possible; even

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It's time to move on and that's exactly what Renee Matthews is trying to do. Last year, her mother interrupted her wedding to tell her that over thirty years ago, she had been intimate with her fiancé and Renee was the result of that intimacy.

Barbara Jean Jackson will do everything she can to ensure that her daughter's life is as miserable as possible; even if that means destroying the love she has managed to find with Stuart Humphries.

Stuart Humphries left Monroe, Louisiana to attend college. He left everything behind . . . including Barbara Jean Jackson.

Charlie Thatcher fell in love with Renee the day he laid eyes on her. Ever since that day, he has been her protector and her best friend and he is determined not to let anything or anyone hurt Renee.

Revelations is the sequel to Circumstances. Renee and Stuart were on their way down the aisle of wedded bliss-that is until Barbara Jean shows up unexpectedly and utilizes the minister's option to object to her daughter's wedding. Barbara Jean reveals that she and Stuart conceived Renee when they were in high school and Renee is devastated.

In addition, Stuart is hurt as well. Sure, he had a relationship with Barbara Jean in high school and he had his share of women long after his college days had ended, but he had finally found that missing piece to his puzzle. He is sure that he couldn't possibly be his fiancé's father. Unfortunately, he knows that whether he is or not, he can't continue his life with Renee because, after all, he did have a relationship with her mother.

Charlie is the only one who isn't surprised that his best friend's nuptials didn't go off as planned. He has asked for Renee's hand on numerous occasions. Each time, Renee turned him down, but they remained his friends and he was okay with that . . . for now.

Even after all her evil deeds, when Barbara Jean receives a health scare, she expects her only daughter to be by her side to comfort her and be at her every beck and call.

In spite that Barbara Jean has done everything to ruin her life, Renee is by her mother's side and as if it was God's plan, secrets of sex, lies and generational curses are revealed. Renee struggles to get past these obstacles because she is determined to be happy and she would make sure that Barbara Jean did not dictate that.

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Meet the Author

A native of Colorado, Mrs. Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant, currently resides in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina, with her husband, poet Gregory W. Bryant Sr.

Her handle is "That Literary Lady" and she wears many, many hats including published author, freelance writer, columnist, novelist, editor, ghostwriter, career Toastmaster, Junior Achievement volunteer, literary, social media and entrepreneurial consultant and advocate.

Mrs. Johnson-Bryant is the founder of LW Media Group (, Literary Wonders! (, Literary Wonders Kids! (, Bryant Consulting ( and Yolanda M. Johnson (

Yolanda is the author of My Daughter's Keeper, Circumstances and Revelations. She co-authored and presented Crimes of Passion: The Anthology. She has a story in the anthology by Jean Bailey Robor, titled She's Got A Big But!: Get Past Your Excuses & Realize Your Dreams and is currently working on several literary projects.

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Revelations 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
WanaBook More than 1 year ago
Barbara Jean and Renee have never had the typical mother daughter relationship; they have the relationship from hell. Revelations picks up where Circumstances ends; Barbara Jean just dropped a bombshell that stopped Renee's wedding to Stuart, the love of her life. Shortly, after this bombshell Barbara Jean has a turn for the worst. Renee is there for her despite the hatred Barbara Jean has always thrown her way. This is just the icing on the cake as family history and true colors are revealed. You'll have to read the book to see if you would be able to endure ten minutes in Renee's shoes before looking for the fastest car leaving town. Revelations is a roller coaster ride that takes you on a journey of love, hate, inner-strength, forgiveness, and a true test of patience.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
A lot of 'romance' literature doesn't have much romance in it. This book, which also has an interesting mystery plot, does. The hero and heroine have worked together long enough that they know one another, at least professionally, before their twinges of mutual awareness begin to accelerate. Both have problems and insecurities, but neither one is unreasonable; neither wants to hurt the other. She had 'looked rather hard' to find major faults in her assigned partner, reluctantly concluding that he was really very nice. He recognizes her as a professional equal, which causes him to be a little disconcerted when he realizes that he's developing a kind of double vision in which he also sees her as a woman with whom he wants a relationship. It's a bit unusual to read a book in which many of the important secondary characters are dead. It could have used another proof-reading (who/whom problems, getting 'out' feet wet rather than getting 'our' feet wet, and several others). This is distracting in a minor way. Virginia
harstan More than 1 year ago
Major Crimes Detective Ann Caldwell attending the funeral of a cop who died in an accident reflects on her deceased father, a former cop. Ann wanted her father to be proud of her, but failed; her mom did nothing for her. Thus Ann finds relationships difficult to accept. She works especially hard to gain respect from her peers as she tries to prove to her partner Juan Diaz that she is as good as any man........................... When other cops die in accidents, Ann begins to believe coincidence aside, a serial killer is rampant. With Juan¿s help she begins to investigate. As they work the case, the partners fall in love, but he has kids to consider and she does not believe in relationships as none ever worked for her...................................... This super series can be counted on by police procedural romance readers to provide a strong tale, which in this case starts at a funeral that sets the tone for an exciting story. Ann is an intriguing protagonist as she tussles with herself in her personal life even as she falls in love, a girly girl thing to do that goes against her need to prove she is as good as any male. Juan is a fine counter to his partner as he believes she can be a woman and a good cop without compromising either. The who-done-it is well written, but takes a back seat to the deep look at a cop with demons to battle................................. Harriet Klausner