The Devil In Disguise

The Devil In Disguise

4.5 13
by Cynthia Eden
Don't make the devil angry...

Luke Thorne loves having one hell of a good time. As the ruler of every dark creature to walk the earth, he certainly has more than a bit of a bad side. He lives for danger and isn't the type to lose his heart--mostly because he doesn't have one. Then she walks into his life.

Mina James is seduction in the flesh, a


Don't make the devil angry...

Luke Thorne loves having one hell of a good time. As the ruler of every dark creature to walk the earth, he certainly has more than a bit of a bad side. He lives for danger and isn't the type to lose his heart--mostly because he doesn't have one. Then she walks into his life.

Mina James is seduction in the flesh, a perfect temptation that the devil himself couldn't pass up. Too late, Luke realizes he's let a real siren into his life, a woman who is bent on using his dark powers to free herself from hidden enemies. Since Luke isn't the type of man to be used, he should walk away from her, but...something about Mina draws him close.

Soon he's realizing that she isn't who she appears to be. Not dark and cold, but burning red hot. Mina is a woman fighting for her life--and the Lord of the Dark suddenly finds himself in an unlikely role...hero. Luke isn't going to let her enemies destroy Mina. He will fight heaven and hell to keep her. But in the end, the secrets they both carry may just rip apart a love that should never have been...

There are Bad Things in the world...very, very bad. Are you ready for them?

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Cynthia Eden
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Bad Things , #1
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Award-winning author Cynthia Eden writes dark tales of paranormal romance and romantic suspense. She is a New York Times, USA Today, Digital Book World, and IndieReader best-seller. Cynthia is also a three-time finalist for the prestigious RITA® award . Since she began writing full-time in 2005, Cynthia has written over fifty novels and novellas.

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The Devil In Disguise 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
tkc41 1 days ago
closkot 10 days ago
My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!! ***I bought this September 9th The cover is pretty amazing! I like it!! This is the first book in the series, and also the first book by Cynthia Eden that I’ve read even though I own 10 of so of her books already. This is for adults only due to the violence and steamy content. This book had me from the start. I was compelled to read it and not put it down. I will definitely be reading more of Cynthia’s work. She weaves a fantastic story that pulls you into the story. I love when a story does that. Mina and Luke were both people who should not be stereotyped. People are not always good or always evil though are sure people can be one or the other most of time. I definitely don’t want to give any of the story away though. If you love paranormal romance and an assortment of paranormals, then I think you do not want to pass up this book! Fantastic read!! Can’t wait to read the next book!
aRomancelover 25 days ago
Started out a little slow but once the action started, it rocked! Thinking she can use her siren voice to manipulate Luke Thorne into giving her the Eye of Hell so that she might rid herself of her paranormal abilities, Mina James miscalculates her influence over him. Now she has more to worry about than freeing herself from the danger of falling back into the hands of the mysterious government group bent on turning paranormals into weapons. Now she has to survive Luke and her attraction to the Lord of the Dark. Luke is not one to give up what he wants and he wants Mina. When truths come out, he shows himself to be truly selfless even if it means a broken heart. THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE, book one in the Bad Things series by Cynthia Eden starts out a little slow. There were even times when I almost gave up but then all of sudden, things started happening and I was hooked from that moment on. What started out slow turned into an exciting, action-packed, twist-filled story about truths, assumptions that were all wrong, loyalty, and selfless acts coming from where you least expect. I thoroughly enjoyed THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE…once it got going anyway. I’m very excited about the series too. Cynthia is so good at creating characters that you care about and want to see have a happy ending so just when you think it isn’t possible, she hits you with a twist that makes you smile. This story was written with lots of imagination and you’re always really wondering exactly who are the good guys and the bad because frankly, it could go either way. I absolutely recommend THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE, book one in the Bad Things series by Cynthia Eden. Perhaps you won’t find the start slow and if so, great…just be sure to read the rest of it because it will knock your socks off. Oh, she also gives us some steamy scenes too…even one that made me sniffle a bit. I know I’m not supposed to like demons and devils but Luke Thorne is one hot stuff bad – good – bad guy. :-) ***purchased for my own personal reading but sharing my honest and unscripted review.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Good First Book In A Series! I really enjoyed reading Luke and Mina's story. I found read to move quickly from beginning to end. An all around good story. Can't wait to read the next book in this series.
Anonymous 5 months ago
I am a fan of paranormal romance books and this one was really well written. There was a good plot line and character personality. It makes me look forward to reading the next book.
Hfowler 7 months ago
This was a very enjoyable read. I loved the characters, their chemistry and passion, and how their story unfolded. The conflict was strong and the villains were formidable. Luke was a great male lead; he was strong yet vulnerable, dark yet kind and protective, and how he was willing to give up Mina was so heart wrenching and so not devil like. Mina's fight to be with Luke kept me turning the pages. The other characters: his twin brother Leo, Julian, and Rayce help move the story along and they set it up for at least three more books (YAY!). I loved it and it was a real page turner with drool worthy passion.
Anonymous 7 months ago
I am looking forward to the next in this series .
Anonymous 7 months ago
This was an OK read. Nothing spectacular. It seemed a bit rushed to me. Just wasn't my cup of tea. The storyline was well written and the characters were OK . Will I read the next in the series? Highly unlikely.
lrhubble 7 months ago
A Must Read Contemporary Paranormal Romance Florida Keys Luke Thorne love having a hell of a good time. He is the ruler of every dark creature that walks the earth. So he certainly has more than a bit of a bad side. He isn’t the type to lose his heart mostly because he doesn’t have one and he lives for danger. Then she walks into his life. Mina James is perfect temptation that is seduction in the flesh that the devil himself couldn’t pass up. Luke realizes too late that he’s let a real siren into his life. A woman that is determined to use his dark powers to free herself from hidden enemies. Luke isn’t the type of man to be used which means he really should just walk away from her but there is something about Mina that draws him close instead. He soon realizes that she isn’t who she appears to be. She isn’t dark and cold but burning red hot. Mina is fighting for her life and the Lord of the Dark finds himself in the most unlikely of roles, that of hero. Luke won’t let Mina’s enemies destroy her. He will fight heaven and hell to keep her. Though in the end the secrets they both have just might rip apart a love that should never have been. This is the start of another amazing series by an author that has proven time and again of being able to write stories with a great deal of heart and soul in them. The characters keep the reader on their toes as they try to figure out just who each one truly is. If the other books in the series live up to this book it is going to prove to be a series to keep and read over and over again.
AMR0406 7 months ago
What an adventure! Cynthia Eden's books always pull me in from the beginning and hold on to me until the very last page. The Devil in Disguise was no different. We are all a little curious where the devil is concerned and especially when an author is able to write a story about him and his potential good side. Add a couple of shifters, a vampire, and a surprise paranormal and you have one heck of a story. Luke Thorne is the Lord of the Dark and doesn't expect to fall for the intriguing Mina. But he does fall and it is fun to watch. Eden does a fabulous job with all of the characters in this story and the plot itself. She is great at writing unique stories with extraordinary characters. The intimate scenes and action scenes were written in a way that pull emotion from the reader whether it's heart warming passion or heart pounding anxiety. I love when authors can do that. I highly recommend you give The Devil in Disguise a read!
MBurton 8 months ago
According to the prophecy, twin brothers are born. One to light, one to dark. The brother of light will rule over the innocent. The brother of dark will rule over the monsters of the world. In this prophecy, the brothers will battle against each other and only one will remain standing. Mina James is searching for Luke, the dark brother. He has something she needs and even the brother of dark can't resist her charms. Luke is indeed charmed by Mina, more than he understands and it has nothing to do with her powers. You've got the most powerful, dark being on earth who is known to be truly evil, fall hard and fast for seductress Mina. Mina only wants one thing fom Luke and then wants to get as far away from him as possible. The only hitch to her plan is Luke does not give up what belongs to him. Luke plans to not only keep the possession Mina is searching for but keep Mina as well. When Luke finds out how much trouble Mina is in, he'll do everything in his power to protect her. He's powerful, possessive and maybe not as dark as everyone believes. He has a loyalty that a dark being should not have. He saved panther shifter Julian and werewolf shifter Rayce from losing themselves to their beasts. His need to protect those that belong to him speaks to the good that resides in him. You also get introduced to twin Leo, the brother of light. Leo claims that Mina belongs to him, which enrages Luke, but both brothers must work together to save her. I loved every minute of this book! The story was creative, exciting and kept me wanting more. I highly recommend this to fellow Paranormal book lovers! ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous 8 months ago
I really like enjoy most of CE's work, but this story was amazing!
bouncyberthaCR 8 months ago
5 - "Even in the dark, a little light can shine..." Stars! Cynthia Eden certainly knows how to start off a new series with a bang, and I have to admit that after reading The Devil in Disguise looks set to be another absolute winner for me. Packed with action, plot twists and a great new cast of paranormal characters, the author delivered everything that I expect and more from one of her books. "You are not nearly as big and bad as people say…" "Oh, I am. Never doubt that." Luke Thorne lives a very carefree existence on earth, being leader of all dark forms he pretty much does whatever, and whoever he wants, wherever and whenever he wants. That is until Mina James walks into his life, and nothing is quite the same thereafter. "I’m the kind of woman who should be savored." It’s clear from the beginning that Mina is not just your bog standard human, and Luke for all his carefree ways can’t seem to shake his inclination to be with her. Their attraction burns hot, but as to be expected full of pit-falls, unexpected enemies and more than one or two surprises to ensure the path to the bedroom is not just laid with carpeting, but bodies, explosions and more than a few unexpected discoveries. "I want you rough, I want you wild, and I want you dark." One thing the author excels at is introducing secondary characters at a rapid clip without it ever becoming confusing for the reader, there is a lot going on with this story, being the opener to a new series you have the backgrounds of several secondary characters being developed alongside Luke and Mina’s relationship, add in the suspense aspect and it’s a fast paced plot that keeps you engaged. Luke’s right-hand-men/shifters; Rayce and Julian play pivotal parts in this one as well as his brother Leo coming into play in the second half. "You need to let the fear go… I’m in control. Nothing bad will happen with me." All of them offer lots of potential for future stories especially with the way this one ended, the ONS a covert group hunting and experimenting on paranormals is still very much at large so I predict we will have a good few more books to sink our fangs, claws etc into in the future. "The time for watching is over." Julian is actually up in the next book in the series On The Prowl is due for release in September, and I cannot wait to see what sort of story the author give this sexy British shifter. "I’m keeping you." ARC generously provided via Netgalley, and it was a pleasure to provide the above honest review.