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The Timeless Swing
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The Timeless Swing

3.3 20
by Tom Watson, Nick Seitz (With)

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From one of golf's greatest and most iconic players comes this definitive instructional guide offering the essential lessons for improving your game at any age, illustrated with 4-color photographs throughout.

Tom Watson, a few months short of his sixtieth birthday, led the 2009 British Open with one hole to play and came within an unlucky bounce of winning it


From one of golf's greatest and most iconic players comes this definitive instructional guide offering the essential lessons for improving your game at any age, illustrated with 4-color photographs throughout.

Tom Watson, a few months short of his sixtieth birthday, led the 2009 British Open with one hole to play and came within an unlucky bounce of winning it for the sixth time. His stunning performance electrified the golf world and showcased a swing that has endured as a model of good mechanics, rhythm, and repeatability.

In The Timeless Swing, American Ryder Cup Captain Tom Watson draws on all the knowledge and expertise he has accumulated over the course of his extraordinary career, imparting lessons that will help golfers of any age play to the best of their abilities and enjoy the game more. From fundamentals like learning the proper grip to advanced shotmaking techniques such as swinging in wind, he breaks down the full swing into all its parts and explains with his trademark easy voice the most effective ways for mastering each.

Watson complements these lessons with time-tested drills and also offers a variety of tips and exercises to help golfers continue to swing well as they get older. And for the first time ever, he reveals the two key concepts he considers the most important of all—concepts that can enable players of all levels to attain a timeless swing.

The Timeless Swing is illustrated with stunning photographs by award-winning Golf Digest photographer Dom Furore, and Watson carefully draws the reader’s eye to what is essential in each photo, providing the kind of easy-to-understand guidance usually found only in private lessons.

With a foreword by Jack Nicklaus and archival highlights of Tom Watson’s most memorable shots and tournaments, this is an indispensable guide from a consummate teacher and one of the most respected and admired players in the game.

Special Bonus: Each chapter includes an easy-to-access video via your smartphone of Tom Watson teaching key lessons. See details in the book's introduction.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
"The influence of Byron Nelson and other great mentors helped Tom Watson develop a swing that has won dozens of times. That adds up to a book that will help you if you help yourself by reading it and practicing what it teaches."
—Phil Mickelson

“Tom’s swing through the years has looked the same but has changed for the better. He still makes a wonderful full turn. What he did in the 2009 Open Championship was truly unbelievable. Tom is one of the game’s great champions and a super guy.”
—Butch Harmon

“Tom Watson has always ferociously lived a golfing life of self-improvement. We might not have his talent, or his burning desire, but with The Timeless Swing we can now have his wisdom and perspective. Perhaps no one has worked harder to figure out what makes for success in this wicked game.”
—Jimmy Roberts

“Tom Watson’s swing has been and continues to be the epitome of the adjectives timeless and consistent. It has been an honor and a pleasure to watch, learn, and play against such a simple but most effective, efficient, and successful swing, which has lasted for decades.”
—Greg Norman

“If you are going to try to find a golf swing that will make you a better player now and for years to come, who better to learn from than Tom Watson?”
—John Feinstein

“Tom Watson has a very basic golf swing, nothing fancy or complicated, so his instruction and observations on these pages will be easy to absorb and adapt to the talents of all players. He is a strong player, thanks to his outstanding golf swing.”
—Arnold Palmer

“I've known Tom since he was fifteen years old, and watched his swing develop into one of the most enduring in golf. He knows how he did it and has a wonderful ability to communicate it."
—Jim Hardy

“This book will definitely teach you how to play better golf, but keeping the same handicap will be up to your own sly self.”
—Dan Jenkins

Kirkus Reviews

A picture-heavy instruction manual from PGA Hall of Famer Watson that pays particular attention to improving posture and swing.

With assistance fromGolf Digest editor Seitz, Watson provides a comprehensive yet simply written guidebook of golf fundamentals, complete with practice drills and tips for improving ball maneuverability. The author's straightforward prose is geared to golfers of all levels, and at any stage of life, including a chapter focused on adjusting seniors' swings based on age. Watson answers all the common golf questions, including how far to stand away from the ball and how to improve hooks and slices. Firsthand accounts from specific games during the author's career, dubbed "Watson Moments," pop up repeatedly throughout the text, and serve as reminders that even the best golfers need to brush up on their technique sometimes. Concepts are continually reinforced, yet every sentence and illustration is integral to the author's instruction. Watson poses for a number of instructive photographs that detail the sequence of each swing, with extreme close-ups of grips and stances. Award-winning sports photographer Dom Furore's shots are sharp and well-captioned, making the visual component of this book its most effective feature.

An excellent visual reference that can be stored in a golf bag for use on the course.

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I’VE BEEN COLLABORATING ON instruction writing with Tom Watson for thirty years now, and been a grateful recipient of his swing advice. My grip will never be strong enough to suit him, but he persists. Boy, does he persist.

You get the feeling that he cares as much about your game as he cares about his own, and that he enjoys working and playing with average golfers as much as with tour players. He has gone overseas for The Open a week early to play links courses with old high-school pals from Kansas City. He relishes coaching his partners in pro-ams and corporate outings.

A strong traditionalist, he just plain loves all aspects of the game, from its earliest history to its latest techniques. As he grows older himself, he has developed a special feel for instruction that promotes longevity. If that doesn’t make him unique among the great players, it makes him one of the rare few.

“The most amazing thing about him,” says Jerry Tarde, the editor in chief of Golf Digest, “is that his interest in the instructional aspects of the game remains undimmed by the passage of time. As opposed to other superstars who either have a withering interest or never had much at all.”

Watson’s quest for learning and improving is never-ending, and his own swing reflects it. Leading teachers and players believe he is swinging better than he’s ever swung.

On the practice range at a major championship not long ago, Padraig Harrington turned around to see whose shots were making such a crisp, pure sound. “I’ve never heard or seen a ball hit like that,” Harrington marveled. It was Watson.

You no doubt are familiar with Watson’s age-defying feats in recent years. He lost the 2009 British Open in a playoff at nearly sixty years of age and not long removed from hip replacement surgery, captivating the entire world of sports and a broader public as well.

In 2010 he hit the leaderboard in the early rounds of the Masters, made the cut, and finished under par in a tie for 18th place. Then he made the cut in the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, where he won it in 1982, playing on a special exemption probably meant to be sentimental and ceremonial. Watson doesn’t do sentimental and ceremonial.

He was paired for the first two rounds with young international stars Ryo Ishikawa of Japan and Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland. Their ages combined didn’t total his sixty. Watson finished 29th—ahead of both of them.

At one point over the weekend, a young man in the gallery shouted, “You rock, Tom Watson!”

It’s fitting that Watson became the second golf professional emeritus at the five-star Greenbrier resort in West Virginia, succeeding the late Sam Snead. Snead could have given Old Man River two a side; he was the oldest man to win a PGA Tour title (at fifty-two) and contend in a major championship (third in the PGA Championship at sixty-two).

He is one of the role models Watson credits in this book. Both had long swings built to last and competitive fires that never needed stoking.

So how does a legendary golfer produce a book like this? How much does Watson really get involved? Here’s a snapshot of the process. He and I and Dom Furore, a top golf photographer, get together for a week at a golf course, in this case the Greenbrier. I know that sounds enviable, but consider that the work days began at dawn and didn’t end till dusk.

Watson demonstrates a topic, Dom photographs it digitally, I capture Watson’s commentary on a tape recorder. Afterward the recording is transcribed with copies for Watson and me, and Dom prints the photos. Watson picks the best pictures, often making notes on the proof sheets to suggest graphic highlighting. Watson and I go back and forth until we’re satisfied with the text, then we both review the finished layouts. He could not be more involved in the entire process, start to finish.

A word of explanation to our left-handed and/or lady golfing friends. We realize that the accepted language of the game isn’t ideal, intended as it is for right-handed, male players. Over the years, leading publications like Golf Digest have experimented with “neutral” references that seemed forced and unnatural, and caused more confusion for most people than the usual terminology. We hope you will make the conversions that may well have become second nature by now.

And I hope Watson’s swing advice helps you as much as it has helped me over the golfing years. May there be many more for all of us. It’s not called the game of a lifetime frivolously.

© 2011 Tom Watson

Meet the Author

Tom Watson, a member of the PGA World Hall of Fame, was named PGA Player of the Year six times and currently ranks sixth on the list of major championship victories, with eight. A devoted teacher of the game, he is a bestselling author whose popular monthly articles have appeared in Golf Digest magazine for more than thirty years. Watson lives with his wife, Hilary, on their farm near Kansas City, Kansas. Visit him online at tomwatson.com.

Nick Seitz was editorial director at Golf Digest before becoming the magazine’s editor at large. He has won numerous sportswriting and lifetime achievement awards, and his work has been anthologized in the annual series Best Sports Stories a dozen times. He is Tom Watson’s longtime collaborator.

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The Timeless Swing (with embedded videos) (Enhanced Edition) 3.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Dave_Donelson More than 1 year ago
Tom Watson not only has a timeless swing, he's written a timeless instruction book, too. He and collaborator Nick Seitz (along with photographer Dom Furore) have produced a collection of straightforward, clearly illustrated concepts that will help golfers of all levels. It's all packaged in a clean, clever design that makes it a pleasure to thumb through as well as read. Watson's style as an instructor mirrors his style of play. There's no double-talk or jargon; no overlap between knowledge and ego. Watson tells you how to play the game in no uncertain terms. He takes his own swing apart for you, explains how it works, and shows you how to make it work for your game. The first two concepts, how to find the bottom of the swing arc and how to set and maintain your spine angle from address through impact, form the basis for everything from the grip to the follow-through. It's easy to understand--and remember--what you should do when it's related in that way. Once Watson gets past the basics, he spends the last half of the book explaining how to apply them in different circumstances for maximum effect. Beginning with Chapter 4, "Be A Shotmaker," he shows how to control and maneuver the ball. The illustrations are particularly useful in understanding how to draw or fade the ball on command as well as how to hit it high, low, or with just the right amount of backspin. The player who takes these lessons to heart--and practices them diligently--will distance himself from the competition. For those of us of a certain age, Watson includes a great chapter titled "Swing Younger." He begins by telling the reader how he hits the ball farther himself, then gives seven simple techniques that will help you bomb it like the big boys, too. Golfers of all ages and skill levels will find this book useful. I've had it for several weeks and find myself digging into it again and again. Every time I open it, I find a passage or an illustration that enlightens.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this is a great book and reference for all the basics of the swing. Not too complex- great to get you back to the basics.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It is a good book !
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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