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Title: House of Lost Worlds: Dinosaurs, Dynasties, and the Story of Life on Earth, Author: Richard Conniff
Title: Mutter Museum: Of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Author: Gretchen Worden
Title: Ways of Curating, Author: Hans Ulrich Obrist
Title: Totem Poles: An Illustrated Guide, Author: Marjorie M. Halpin
Title: Curating Archaeological Collections: From the Field to the Repository / Edition 1, Author: Lynne P. Sullivan
Title: Guide To Native American Ledger Drawings And Pictographs In United States Museums, Libraries, And Archives, Author: Donald L. DeWitt
Title: A Short Life of Trouble: Forty Years in the New York Art World, Author: Marcia Tucker
Title: Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads: The Culture and Evolution of Natural History Museums, Author: Stephen T. Asma
Title: Curationism: How Curating Took Over the Art World and Everything Else, Author: David Balzer
Title: Contesting Knowledge: Museums and Indigenous Perspectives, Author: Susan Sleeper-Smith
Title: Destination Culture: Tourism, Museums, and Heritage / Edition 1, Author: Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
Title: The Changing Presentation of the American Indian: Museums and Native Cultures / Edition 1, Author: W. Richard West
Title: Liberating Culture: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Museums, Curation, and Heritage Preservation / Edition 1, Author: Christina Kreps
Title: Cannibal Tours and Glass Boxes: The Anthropology of Museums, Author: Michael M. Ames
Title: Cannibal Tours and Glass Boxes: The Anthropology of Museums / Edition 1, Author: Michael M. Ames
Title: Future of Indigineous Museums: Perspectives from the South-West Pacific, Author: Nick Stanley
Title: Can We Make a Difference?: Museums, Society and Development in North and South, Author: Paul Voogt
Title: Academic Anthropology and the Museum: Back to the Future, Author: Mary Bouquet
Title: Museums and their Communities, Author: Sheila Watson
Title: Archaeological Curatorship, Author: Susan M. Pearce

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