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Title: Ancient Sites of Maui: Archaeological Places of Interest in the Hawaiian Islands, Author: Van James
Title: Social Archaeology of Australian Indigenous Societies, Author: Bruno David
Title: Ancient Sites of Oahu: A Guide to Hawaiian Archaeological Places of Interest, Author: Van James
Title: Among Stone Giants: The Life of Katherine Routledge and Her Remarkable Expedition to Easter Island, Author: Jo Anne Van Tilburg
Title: Legacy of the Landscape: An Illustrated Guide to Hawaiian Archaeological Sites, Author: Patrick Vinton Kirch
Title: The Archaeology of Difference: Negotiating Cross-Cultural Engagements in Oceania, Author: Anne Clarke
Title: Unfinished Voyages; Western Australian Shipwrecks, 1622-1850, Author: Graeme Henderson
Title: Hunters and Collectors: The Antiquarian Imagination in Australia, Author: Tom Griffiths
Title: The Riddle of the Pacific, Author: John MacMillan Brown
Title: Living Archaeology, Author: Gould
Title: Prehistory of the Indo-Malaysian Archipelago, Author: Peter S. Bellwood
Title: Archaeology of Aboriginal Australia: A Reader, Author: Tim Murray
Title: The Archaeology of Micronesia, Author: Paul Rainbird
Title: Fantastic Dreaming: The Archaeology of an Aboriginal Mission, Author: Jane Lydon
Title: Archaeological Excavations of Fortified Sites on Taveuni, Fiji, Author: Everett Lloyd Frost
Title: Anahulu: The Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii, Volume 1: Historical Ethnography, Author: Patrick Vinton Kirch
Title: Sunda and Sahul: Prehistoric Studies in Southeast Asia, Melenasia and Australia, Author: J. Allen
Title: A Prehistory of Australia, New Guinea and Sahul: International Edition, Author: J. P. White
Title: Archaeological Theory And The Politics Of Culture Heritage / Edition 1, Author: Laurajane Smith
Title: Islands in the Interior: The Dynamics of Prehistoric Adaptations within the Arid Zone of Australia, Author: Pater Marius Veth

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