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Title: Renoir: An Intimate Biography, Author: Barbara Ehrlich White
Title: Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo, Author: Hayden Herrera
Title: The Secret Life of Salvador Dali, Author: Salvador Dali
Title: Turner: The Extraordinary Life and Momentous Times of J.M.W. Turner, Author: Franny Moyle
Title: Birds: The Art of Ornithology, Author: Jonathan Elphick
Title: Rivera, Author: Andrea Kettenmann
Title: Rembrandt's Eyes, Author: Simon Schama
Title: Everybody Was So Young: Gerald and Sara Murphy, a Lost Generation Love Story, Author: Amanda Vaill
Title: Van Gogh: A Power Seething, Author: Julian Bell
Title: They Shall Not Have Me: The Capture, Forced Labor, and Escape of a French Prisoner in World War II, Author: Jean Helion
Title: Renoir,My Father, Author: Jean Renoir
Title: Sir Winston Churchill: His Life and His Paintings, Author: David Coombs
Title: John James Audubon: The Making of an American, Author: Richard Rhodes
Title: Picasso: A Biography, Author: Patrick O'Brian
Title: Monet: His Life & Works in 500 Images, Author: Susie Hodge
Title: Private Lives of the Impressionists, Author: Sue Roe
Title: The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh, Author: Mark Roskill
Title: Andrew Wyeth: A Secret Life, Author: Richard Meryman
Title: My Art, My Life: An Autobiography, Author: Diego Rivera
Title: Lee Krasner: A Biography, Author: Gail Levin

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