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Title: Port Royal Jamaica, Author: Michael Pawson
Title: Kebra Nagast: The Book of Rastafarian Wisdom and Faith from Ethiopia and Jamaica / Edition 1, Author: Gerald Hausman
Title: Portuguese Jews of Jamaica, Author: Mordechai Arbell
Title: No Woman No Cry: My Life with Bob Marley, Author: Rita Marley
Title: The Rastafarians, Author: Leonard Barrett
Title: From Harvey River: A Memoir of My Mother and Her Island, Author: Lorna Goodison
Title: Culture And Customs Of Jamaica, Author: Pamela Mordecai
Title: A Tale of Two Plantations: Slave Life and Labor in Jamaica and Virginia, Author: Richard S. Dunn
Title: Becoming Rasta: Origins of Rastafari Identity in Jamaica, Author: Charles Price
Title: A Black Woman's Odyssey Through Russia and Jamaica: The Narrative of Nancy Prince / Edition 1, Author: Nancy Prince
Title: The Development of Creole Society in Jamaica 1770-1820, Author: Kamau Brathwaite
Title: The Dead Yard: A Story of Modern Jamaica, Author: Ian Thomson
Title: Planning the Past: Heritage Tourism and Post-Colonial Politics at Port Royal, Author: Anita M. Waters
Title: Mastery, Tyranny, and Desire: Thomas Thistlewood and His Slaves in the Anglo-Jamaican World, Author: Trevor Burnard
Title: Goldeneye: Where Bond Was Born: Ian Fleming's Jamaica, Author: Matthew Parker
Title: Slave Population and Economy of Jamaica 1807-1834, Author: B. W. Higman
Title: A Narrative of Events, since the First of August, 1834, by James Williams, an Apprenticed Labourer in Jamaica, Author: James Williams
Title: Rastafari: A Way of Life, Author: Tracy Nicholas
Title: Black Rebels: African Caribbean Freedom Fighters in Jamaica, Author: Werner Zips
Title: Black Rebellion: Five Slave Revolts, Author: Thomas Wentworth Higginson

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