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Title: Antique Lamp Buyer's Guide: Identifying Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Lighting, Author: Nadja Maril
Title: Making Stained Glass Lamps, Author: Michael Johnston Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Making Tiffany Lamps: How to Create Museum-Quality Authentic Reproductions, Author: Hugh V. Archer Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Classic Lanterns, Author: Dennis A. Pearson
Title: Art Deco Lighting, Author: Herb Millman
Title: Guide to Sandwich Glass: Whale Oil Lamps and Accessories, Author: Raymond E. Barlow
Title: Turned On: American Decorative Lamps of the '50s, Author: Leland Payton
Title: Those Fascinating Little Lamps, Author: John F. Solverson
Title: Lighting Fixtures of the Depression Era, Author: Jo Ann Thomas
Title: 50s TV Lamps, Author: Calvin Shepherd
Title: Handel Lamps: Painted Shades and Glassware, Author: Robert DeFalco
Title: Miniature Lamps II, Author: Ruth E. Smith
Title: Early Twentieth Century Lighting Fixtures, Author: Jo Ann Ann Thomas
Title: Price Guide for Miniature Lamps, Author: Marjorie Hulsebus
Title: Lighting Devices and Accessories of the 17th-19th Centuries, Author: Stan Hamper
Title: Miniature Lamps of the Victorian Era, Author: Marjorie Hulsebus
Title: Popular Art Deco Lighting: Shades of the Past, Author: Herb Millman
Title: Oil Lamps 3: Victorian Kerosene Lighting, 1860-1900, Author: Catherine M.V. Thuro
Title: Oil Lamps II: Glass Kerosene Lamps, Author: Catherine Thuro
Title: The Accurate Price Guide for Miniature Lamps I and II: Showing Unlisted Photographs of Lamps, Author: Ruth E. Smith

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