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Title: Personal History, Author: Katharine Graham
Title: The Chief: The Life of William Randolph Hearst, Author: David Nasaw
Title: Free Gift with Purchase: My Improbable Career in Magazines and Makeup, Author: Jean Godfrey-June
Title: About Town: The New Yorker And The World It Made, Author: Ben Yagoda
Title: The Trust: The Private and Powerful Family behind the New York Times, Author: Susan E. Tifft
Title: The Uncrowned King: The Sensational Rise of William Randolph Hearst, Author: Kenneth Whyte
Title: Power, Privilege, and the Post: The Katharine Graham Story, Author: Carol Felsenthal
Title: Publish Your Own Magazine, Guidebook, or Weekly Newspaper: How to Start, Manage, and Profit from Your Own Homebased Publishing Company, Author: Thomas A. Williams
Title: Morning Miracle: Inside the Washington Post A Great Newspaper Fights for Its Life, Author: Dave Kindred
Title: The Magnificent Medills: America's Royal Family of Journalism During a Century of Turbulent Splendor, Author: Megan McKinney
Title: Hack Attack: The Inside Story of How the Truth Caught Up with Rupert Murdoch, Author: Nick Davies
Title: Robert Worth Bingham and the Southern Mystique: From the Old South to the New South and Beyond, Author: William E. Ellis
Title: The Chain Gang: One Newspaper vs. the Gannett Empire, Author: Richard McCord
Title: Lusty Scripps - The Life Of E.W.Scripps (1854-1926), Author: Gilson Gardner
Title: Passion and Prejudice: A Family Memoir, with a New Introduction, Author: Sallie Bingham
Title: Papers For The Millions, Author: Joel H. Wiener
Title: Catalyst for Controversy: Paul Carus of Open Court, Author: Harold Henderson
Title: Creating and Producing the Perfect Newsletter, Author: Patricia Ann Williams
Title: Fundamentals of Successful Newsletters: Everything You Need to Write, Design, and Publish More Effective Newsletters, Author: Thomas H. Bivins
Title: How to Make Newsletters, Brochures and Other Good Stuff Without a Computer System: Handbook on Promotion Planning, Writing and Pasteup for Small Business and More, Author: Helen Gregory

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