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Title: Dysphagia Cookbook, Author: Elayne Achilles
Title: The I-Can't-Chew Cookbook: Delicious Soft Diet Recipes for People with Chewing, Swallowing, and Dry Mouth Disorders, Author: J. Randy Wilson
Title: Soft Foods for Easier Eating Cookbook: Easy-to-Follow Recipes for People Who Have Chewing and Swallowing Problems, Author: Sandra Woodruff
Title: The Braces Cookbook: Recipes You and Your Orthodontist Will Love, Author: Pamela Waterman
Title: So What If You Can't Chew, Eat Hearty!: Recipes and a Guide for the Healthy and Happy Eating of Soft and Pureed Foods, Author: Phyllis Z. Goldberg
Title: Pureed Foods with Substance and Style, Author: J. William Richman
Title: California Squisine: Healthy Food That's Fast, Fun and Squeezable For Kids, Author: Malcolm Kushner
Title: Easy-to-Chew and Easy-on-Salt: Easy-to-Chew and Pureed Foods for a Sodium-Controlled Diet, Author: Rosalie N. Norris