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Title: Living in . . . China, Author: Chloe Perkins
Title: Welcome to China (DK Readers Level 3 Series), Author: Caryn Jenner
Title: Ancient China (DK Eyewitness Books Series), Author: Arthur Cotterell
Title: Three Cups of Tea, Young Reader's Edition: One Man's Journey to Change the World...One Child at a Time, Author: Greg Mortenson Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Castle (DK Eyewitness Books Series), Author: Christopher Gravett
Title: If I Were a Kid in Ancient China (Children of the Ancient World), Author: Cobblestone Publishing
Title: Japan, Author: Colleen Sexton
Title: Ancient China: An Interactive History Adventure, Author: Terry Collins Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: China, the People, Author: Bobbie Kalman
Title: I Live in Tokyo, Author: Mari Takabayashi
Title: Look What Came from China, Author: Miles Harvey
Title: Listen to the Wind: The Story of Dr. Greg and Three Cups of Tea, Author: Greg Mortenson
Title: Chinese New Year, Author: Carrie Gleason
Title: At Home in Her Tomb: Lady Dai and the Ancient Chinese Treasures of Mawangdui, Author: Christine Liu-Perkins
Title: Cultural Traditions in China, Author: Lynn Peppas
Title: All About Indonesia: Stories, Songs and Crafts for Kids, Author: Linda Hibbs Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: China (National Geographic Countries of the World Series), Author: Jen Green
Title: Great Ancient China Projects You Can Build Yourself, Author: Lance Kramer Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Russia, Author: Jilly Hunt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: China, the Culture, Author: Bobbie Kalman

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