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Title: Webster's New World Dictionary, Fifth Edition, Author: Editors of Webster's New World College Dictionaries
Title: Pocket Oxford American Dictionary & Thesaurus, Author: Oxford University Press
Title: Speaking American: How Y'all, Youse , and You Guys Talk: A Visual Guide, Author: Josh Katz
Title: Urban Dictionary: Freshest Street Slang Defined, Author: urbandictionary.com
Title: Dictionary of American Idioms, Author: Adam Makkai
Title: Oxford American Desk Dictionary & Thesaurus, Author: Oxford University Press
Title: How to Swear Around the World, Author: Jay Sacher
Title: The Horologicon: A Day's Jaunt through the Lost Words of the English Language, Author: Mark Forsyth
Title: The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms, Second Edition, Author: Christine Ammer
Title: Schirmer's Complete Rhyming Dictionary, Author: Paul Zollo
Title: Knickers in a Twist: A Dictionary of British Slang, Author: Jonathan Bernstein
Title: Cambridge Dictionary of American English / Edition 2, Author: Cambridge University Press
Title: The Oxford Dictionary of American Usage and Style, Author: Bryan A. Garner
Title: How to Speak Brit: The Quintessential Guide to the King's English, Cockney Slang, and Other Flummoxing British Phrases, Author: Christopher J. Moore
Title: McGraw-Hill's Conversational American English: The Illustrated Guide to Everyday Expressions of American English, Author: Richard A. Spears
Title: Dictionary of American Regional English, Volume III: I-O, Author: Joan Houston Hall
Title: Webster's New World Dictionary, Author: Webster's New World
Title: Kicking the Bucket at the Drop of a Hat: The Meaning and Origins of Popular Expressions, Author: Caroline Taggart
Title: American Slang Dictionary: The Ultimate Reference to Nonstandard Usage, Colloquialisms, Popular Jargon, and Vulgarisms, Author: Richard A. Spears
Title: Descriptionary: A Thematic Dictionary, Fourth Edition (Writer's Library Series), Author: Marc McCutcheon

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