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Title: Lobster: A Global History, Author: Elisabeth Townsend
Title: Totally Lobster Cookbook, Author: Helene Siegel
Title: The Compleat Crab and Lobster Book, Author: Christopher Russell Reaske
Title: Lobster Tales: Recipes and Recitations Featuring the Maine Attraction, Author: Brooks Macdonal
Title: Lobster in Every Pot, Author: Women of the Lobster Industry
Title: Lobster at Home, Author: Jasper White
Title: How to Make Love to a Lobster, Author: Marjorie Harris
Title: Lobster & Chips, Author: Trish Hilferty
Title: Great Lobster and Crab Cookbook, Author: Whitecap Books Staff
Title: The Book of the Lobster: An Informal Account of What He Is and What He Is Not, How He Is Caught, and How He Is Cooked and Eaten, with 43 Recipes, Author: Joy V. Dueland
Title: The Lobster Almanac, Author: Bruce P. Ballenger
Title: Lobster and Other Shellfish, Author: Elaine Elliot
Title: Largely Lobster, Author: Julie V. Watson
Title: The Complete Crab and Lobster Book: A Comprehensive Handbook- From The Ocean to The Table, Author: Christopher R. Reaske