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Title: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Tartan: A Complete History and Visual Guide to Over 400 Famous Tartans, Author: Iain Zaczek
Title: A Complete Guide to Heraldry, Author: Arthur Charles Fox-Davies
Title: Tartan: Romancing the Plaid, Author: Jeffrey Banks
Title: Heraldry: A Pictorial Archive for Artists and Designers, Author: Arthur Charles Fox-Davies
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Title: Tartan + Tweed, Author: Caroline Young
Title: Heraldic Design, Author: Hubert Allcock
Title: Scottish Tartans in Full Color, Author: James Grant
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Title: Medieval Heraldry, Author: Terence Wise
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Title: The Order Of Americans Of Armorial Ancestry, Author: Arthur Louis Finnell
Title: Japanese Emblems and Designs, Author: Walter Amstutz
Title: Traditional Japanese Family Crests for Artists and Craftspeople, Author: Isao Honda
Title: American and British Genealogy and Heraldry: A Selected List of Books, Author: P. William Filby
Title: Devises Heroiques, Author: Claude Paradin
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Title: Debrett's Correct Form: Standard Styles of Address for Everyone from Peers to Presidents, Author: Patrick Montague-Smith
Title: Debrett's Correct Form, Author: Patrick W. Montague-Smith
Title: Basic Heraldry, Author: Stephen Friar
Title: Tartans: Macnichol to Yukon, Author: William H. Johnston
Title: Heraldry In America, Author: Eugene Zieber
Title: Heraldry, Author: John Martin Robinson
Title: Irish Family Names; With Origins, Meanings, Clans, Arms, Crests, and Mottoes, Author: Patrick Kelly

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