Title: Myths of the Asanas: The Stories at the Heart of the Yoga Tradition, Author: Alanna Kaivalya
Title: The Little Book of Hindu Deities: From the Goddess of Wealth to the Sacred Cow, Author: Sanjay Patel
Title: New Birth or Rebirth?: Jesus Talks with Krishna, Author: Ravi Zacharias
Title: Hare Krishna Transformed, Author: E. Burke Rochford
Title: Flow of Grace: Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa (Revised Edition), Author: Krishna Das
Title: Kali: The Black Goddess of Dakshineswar, Author: Elizabeth U. Harding
Title: Tantric Kali: Secret Practices and Rituals, Author: Daniel Odier
Title: The Epic of Ram, Volume 1, Author: Tulsidas
Title: Hindu Myths: A Sourcebook Translated from the Sanskrit, Author: Anonymous
Title: Walk with Four Spiritual Guides: Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Ramakrishna, Author: Andrew Harvey
Title: Shakti Mantras: Tapping into the Great Goddess Energy Within, Author: Thomas Ashley-Farrand
Title: Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization, Author: Heinrich Robert Zimmer
Title: In A World of Gods and Goddesses: The Mystic Art of Indra Sharma, Author: James H Bae
Title: Ganapati: Song of the Self, Author: John A. Grimes
Title: Krishna: the Beautiful Legend of God: (Srimad Bhagavata Purana Book X), Author: Anonymous
Title: In the Realm of Gods and Kings: Arts of India, Author: Andrew Topsfield
Title: Journey through the Twelve Forests: An Encounter with Krishna / Edition 1, Author: David L. Haberman
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Title: Ganesh: Studies of an Asian God, Author: Robert L. Brown
Title: Splitting the Difference: Gender and Myth in Ancient Greece and India / Edition 1, Author: Wendy Doniger
Title: Oracle of Rama, Author: Dr. David Frawley

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