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Title: The Teacher's Grammar of English: A Course Book and Reference Guide, with answers, Author: Ron Cowan
Title: Public Personnel Management: Current Concerns, Future Problems / Edition 5, Author: Norma M. Riccucci
Title: Caught Between the Dog and the Fireplug, or How to Survive Public Service / Edition 1, Author: Kenneth Ashworth
Title: The Values of Bureaucracy, Author: Paul du Gay
Title: Public Personnel Management / Edition 6, Author: Donald Klingner
Title: The Anti-Politics Machine:
Title: Managing Government Employees: How to Motivate Your People, Deal with Difficult Issues, and Achieve Tangible Results, Author: Stewart Liff
Title: The Culture of the New Capitalism / Edition 1, Author: Richard Sennett
Title: Comparing Public Bureaucracies: Problems of Theory and Method, Author: B. Guy Peters
Title: Bureaucracy, Author: Ludwig von Mises
Title: Shadow Shoguns: The Rise and Fall of Japan's Postwar Political Machine, Author: Jacob M. Schlesinger
Title: Class Crisis & The State, Author: Erik Olin Wright
Title: Personnel Management in Government Agencies and Nonprofit Organizations / Edition 5, Author: Dennis L. Dresang
Title: Public Personnel Management and Public Policy, Author: Dennis L. Dresang
Title: Bureaucratizing The Good Samaritan: The Limitations Of Humanitarian Relief Operations / Edition 1, Author: Tony Waters
Title: Bureaucracy and Administration / Edition 1, Author: Ali Farazmand
Title: Bureaucratic Reform in Provincial China: Ting Jih-ch'ang in Restoration Kiangsu, 1867-1870, Author: Jonathan K. Ocko
Title: Activities for Public Sector Training; Achieving Change and Strengthening Teamwork, Author: Mary Griffiths
Title: Policy Process in the Modern Capitalist State, Author: Christopher Ham
Title: Managing Leviathan: Environmental Politics and the Administrative State, second edition, Author: Robert Paehlke

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