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Title: Thomas Jefferson on Wine, Author: John Hailman Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Chef Says: Quotes, Quips and Words of Wisdom, Author: Nach Waxman
Title: The Pleasures of Eating (Words of Wisdom Series): Reflections on Food, Author: Erin Conley
Title: Notes on Cooking: A Short Guide to an Essential Craft, Author: Lauren Braun Costello
Title: The Cook's Quotation Book: A Literary Feast, Author: Maria Polushkin Robbins
Title: Butter in the Bard: Reading Between the Viands of Wm. Shakespeare, Author: Robert D. Bernoskie
Title: Wine Quotations: A Collection of Rich Paintings and the Best Wine Quotes, Author: Exley
Title: Eat These Words: A Delicious Collection of Fat-Free Food for Thought, Author: Michael Cader
Title: The Pleasures of the Table, Author: Theodora Fitzgibbon
Title: Mon Docteur le Vin (My Doctor, Wine), Author: Gaston Derys
Title: You Said a Mouthful, Author: Ronald D. Fuchs
Title: A Commonplace Book of Cookery, Author: Grabhorn
Title: Consuming Passions: A Feast of Quotations Celebrating Food and the Art of Dining, Author: Jonathon Green
Title: The Quotable Feast: Savory Sayings on Cooking, Eating, Drinking and Entertaining, Author: Sarah E. Parvis
Title: Taste of the Good Life, Author: Richard Briers
Title: The Quotable Wine Lover, Author: Kate Fiduccia
Title: Food and Drink: A Book of Quotations, Author: Susan L. Rattiner Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Wisdom from the Kitchen: From Mother to Daughter, Author: Sherry Conway Appel
Title: You're a Real Wine Lover when..., Author: Bert Witte
Title: The Quotable Cook, Author: Kate Rowinski

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