Title: Unofficial Guide to Ancestry.com: How to Find Your Family History on the #1 Genealogy Website, Author: Nancy Hendrickson
Title: Genealogy Workbook Organizer: Genealogy Notebook With Genealogy Charts and Forms, Family Tree Charts, Photo Records, Individual Details Sheets, Author: Dandelion Publishing
Title: Genealogy Standards Second Edition Revised, Author: Board for Certification of Genealogists
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Title: History for Genealogists, Using Chronological Time Lines to Find and Understand Your Ancestors. Revised Edition, with 2016 Addendum Incorporating Edit, Author: Judy Jacobson
Title: The Family Tree Problem Solver: Tried-and-True Tactics for Tracing Elusive Ancestors, Author: Marsha Hoffman Rising
Title: The Troubleshooter's Guide to Do-It-Yourself Genealogy, Author: W. Daniel Quillen
Title: Where Are They Buried? (2023 Revised and Updated): How Did They Die? Fitting Ends and Final Resting Places of the Famous, Infamous, and Noteworthy, Author: Tod Benoit
Title: At the Feet of the Elders: A Journey into a Lowcountry Family History, Author: Darius M. Brown
Title: Genealogy For Dummies, Author: Matthew L. Helm
Title: Clans and Tartans of Scotland, Author: Roddy Martine
Title: The Ancestry of Alfred Jager & Jennie Niemeyer of Chicago, Author: Melissa Kay Decker
Title: The History of 4160 West Brocker Road, Author: Household History
Title: In Search of Our Roots: How 19 Extraordinary African Americans Reclaimed Their Past, Author: Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Title: Tracing Your Ancestors from 1066 to 1837, Author: Jonathan Oates
Title: Kinfolks: Falling Off the Family Tree: The Search for My Melungeon Ancestors, Author: Lisa Alther
Title: Tracing Your Family History on the Internet: A Guide for Family Historians, Author: Chris Paton
Title: Family Tree Memory Keeper: Your Workbook for Family History, Stories and Genealogy, Author: Allison Dolan
Title: The Chicago Outfit, Author: John J. Binder
Title: The Everything Guide to Online Genealogy: Trace Your Roots, Share Your History, and Create Your Family Tree, Author: Kimberly Powell
Title: Planting Your Family Tree Online: How to Create Your Own Family History Web Site, Author: Cyndi Howells
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