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Title: Ten Days a Madwoman: The Daring Life and Turbulent Times of the Original
Title: The Race Around the World (Totally True Adventures), Author: Nancy Castaldo
Title: Fearless Female Journalists, Author: Joy Crysdale
Title: Dorothea's Eyes: Dorothea Lange Photographs the Truth, Author: Barb Rosenstock
Title: Muckrakers: How Ida Tarbell, Upton Sinclair, and Lincoln Steffens Helped Expose Scandal, Inspire Reform, and Invent Investigative Journalism, Author: Ann Bausum
Title: Blog It!, Author: Kristin Fontichiaro
Title: You Can Write a Terrific Opinion Piece, Author: Jennifer Fandel
Title: In Defiance of Hitler: The Secret Mission of Varian Fry, Author: Carla Killough McClafferty
Title: The Daring Nellie Bly: America's Star Reporter, Author: Bonnie Christensen
Title: How Tv Changed America's Mind, Author: Edward Wakin
Title: Ernest Hemingway: A Writer's Life, Author: Catherine Reef
Title: Locative Social Media: Place in the Digital Age, Author: L. Evans
Title: Bylines: A Photobiography of Nellie Bly, Author: Sue Macy
Title: Write Your Own Blog, Author: Luisa Plaja
Title: Choosing News: What Gets Reported and Why, Author: Barb Palser
Title: Built for Success: The Story of Twitter, Author: Sara Gilbert
Title: Children Growing Up with War, Author: Jenny Matthews
Title: Barbara Walters, Author: Henna Remstein
Title: Free Press vs. Fair Trial: Television and Other Media in the Courtroom, Author: Michael Kronenwetter
Title: TV Journalist, Author: Diane Lindsey Reeves

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