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Title: Bolivar: American Liberator, Author: Marie Arana
Title: Venezuela: What Everyone Needs to Know, Author: Miguel Tinker-Salas
Title: The Bolivarian Revolution, Author: Simon Bolivar
Title: Bello and Bolivar: Poetry and Politics in the Spanish American Revolution, Author: Antonio Cussen
Title: Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution (Fully Updated New Second Edition), Author: Richard Gott
Title: Venezuelan Insurgency, 1960-1968:: A Successful Failure, Author: H. Micheal Tarver; Alfredo Angulo
Title: Democracies and Tyrannies of the Caribbean, Author: William Krehm
Title: The Battle of Venezuela, Author: Michael McCaughan
Title: Pre-Revolutionary Caracas: Politics, Economy and Society, 1777-1811, Author: P. Michael McKinley
Title: Adventuring Through Spanish Colonies: Simon Bolivar, Foreign Mercenaries and the Birth of New Nations, Author: Matthew Brown
Title: Yankee No!: Anti-Americanism in U.S.-Latin American Relations, Author: Alan McPherson
Title: History of Venezuela, Author: H. Micheal Tarver
Title: The Political, Economic, and Labor Climate in Venezuela, Author: Cecilia M. Valente
Title: Bolivar: A Continent and Its Destiny, Author: J. L. Salcedo-Bastardo
Title: Venezuela: The Challenge of Competitiveness, Author: Michael Enright
Title: Strong Parties and Lame Ducks: Presidential Partyarchy and Factionalism in Venezuela, Author: Michael Coppedge
Title: The Unraveling of Representative Democracy in Venezuela, Author: Jennifer L. McCoy
Title: Venezuela: The Democratic Experience, Author: John D. Martz
Title: Sim-n Bol'var: Venezuelan Rebel, American Revolutionary, Author: Lester D. Langley
Title: Crafting Civilian Control of the Military in Venezuela: A Comparative Perspective / Edition 1, Author: Harold A. Trinkunas

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