6 Book Nerd Holidays That Need to Exist

Being a book nerd is hard work. You have to either be an excellent multi-tasker or never sleep (or both!) to squeeze in some meaningful reading time amid all of life’s other obligations.  Every day you struggle with a life vs. reading dilemma: Do you steal away during your lunch hour to read a few pages? Do you trade forty winks for forty pages because you’re dying to know what happens in your novel? Do you forgo drinks with friends because you’re home “sick” with your Nook? Do you attempt to turn the pages of your book while cooking, or do you just eat cereal for dinner, again, book in hand?

We know it’s hard. That’s why we’re calling for the establishment of book nerd holidays all year round. We need widely recognized holidays during which our literary habits are celebrated, and we have the time to be our true book nerd selves! Here are a few holidays we’re proposing be added to the calendar.

1. Thanks-But-No-Thanksgiving
The traditional winter holidays are just around the corner, and they’re always a fun but stressful blur of activity during which you have no time to read. Thanks-But-No-Thanksgiving is a polite holiday that falls in early December, smack dab between Thanksgiving and the December holidays. It’s a day where you can say “Thanks, but no thanks” to anything you like and read instead. “Want to stand in line for three hours to buy this year’s hottest toy?” “Thanks, but no thanks.” “Want to go to the accounting department’s eggnog and karaoke party?” “Thanks, but no thanks.”

2. Readster Bunny Hunt
The Readster Bunny is the Easter Bunny’s erudite friend. The Readster Bunny hops around hiding new books for everyone to find and enjoy. Children and adults alike are encouraged to search for new novels hidden throughout the house and the yard.

3. Literary Lover’s Day
It’s just like Valentine’s Day, except this is a holiday everyone can enjoy! People in love give each other books and then go home and read them. People who are not in love are snuggled up at home reading already. It’s really a win-win situation all around.

4. National Read Outside Day
This holiday shall fall on the summer equinox each year. Everyone gets the day off to read outside and take advantage of the many hours of daylight. Who’d have thought the longest day of the year could feel so short?

5. National Read to Someone Day
This is a holiday that celebrates sharing the experience of reading. Everyone gets the day off to read aloud to someone. Read to the elderly or to the visually impaired, read to your children, or spend the day volunteering with a literacy project. This holiday is about giving back and sharing your love of books with others.

6. Superbook Sunday
On this holiday in early February, avid readers gather together to eat nachos, drink beer, and enjoy their favorite book together, with a lot of loud commentary. Readers will go on tangents about all the past Superbook Sundays, and one reader will inevitably complain about the way their novel ended.

What book nerd holidays do you wish existed?

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