Our November Picks are Here!

The hot cider is flowing (soon to become cocoa), the pumpkins have become Jack-o-lanterns (soon to become squirrel food) and the mood is ripe for a cozy read. Perfect timing as Our Monthly Picks for November are officially here! Take off on an exhilarating witch-hunt murder mystery, immerse yourself in an all-too-real dystopian society, discover secrets of the past in a captivating Holocaust memoir, risk it all in a life-changing adventure of self-discovery, or take a walk home from school through 10 different stories. And don’t forget, our free curbside pickup is fast and stress-free for all your holiday shopping and gift-giving needs this season.

Our Monthly Fiction Pick

Miss Benson’s Beetle 
Rachel Joyce

“Joyce brings us another moving, quirky adventure novel full of heart, set in the 1950s. Two mismatched women find themselves thrown together on a voyage to New Caledonia, both leaving for very distinct reasons. Margery and Enid soon come to realize that sometimes the most important relationships in our lives come from a different kind of love: friendship. Miss Benson’s Beetle has characters that shine with depth, moments both tragic and funny, and a triumphant narrative that keeps you engaged from cover to cover.” —Shannon D, Fiction Buyer

Our Monthly Mystery & Thriller Pick

The Witch Hunter
Max Seeck

“In true horror tradition, that which is scary isn’t the monster itself. In detective fiction, we must go through the darkness with the main character. Seeck paces out investigator Jessica Niemi’s pursuit of a serial killer at a breakneck speed, all balanced by Niemi’s backstory. Her origins, the things that motivate her and her secrets are all carefully meted out in such a way that we become even more tangled in the story. Current story and backstory align as we head into the final chapters of the book. It’s an exhilarating journey.” —Jules H, Mystery & Thriller Buyer

Our Monthly Nonfiction Pick

When Time Stopped: A Memoir of My Father’s War and What Remains 
Ariana Neumann

“Powerfully tender, this immersive Holocaust memoir is also an exquisite work of literary journalism. Inspired by a box of “clues” — documents, diaries and keepsakes — bequeathed from her father, Ariana Neumann launches a wide, years-long search, revealing hard family secrets buried in Nazi Prague and Berlin. Though rife with wholly unexpected turns, nail-biter moments of historical suspense and unforgettable people doing unbelievable things, the voice is clear-eyed and brave, able to capture in small details the enormity of events and inspiring ability to see darkness and find light.” —Sallye L, History Buyer

Our Monthly YA Pick

The Grace Year: A Novel
Kim Liggett

“Though set in a dystopian world, this unputdownable thriller is a haunting exploration into the all-too-real way society sees and treats women and the complicated relationships women have amongst themselves. Readers will be mesmerized by Liggett’s immersive world-building and captivated by the nonstop action. Deeply unsettling in the best way possible, The Grace Year will stay with you for years to come.” —Stephanie P, YA Buyer

Our Monthly Young Reader Pick

Look Both Ways: A Tale Told in Ten Blocks 
Jason Reynolds

“A masterfully woven tale about the experiences of 10 different groups of kids on their way home from the same school. A great reminder for kids (and adults) that although we may share common ground, we never know exactly what other people are going through when we go our separate ways. With laugh-out-loud moments throughout, this heartfelt story is sure to resonate with readers of all ages and backgrounds.” —Stephanie P, Young Reader Buyer

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