Which Children’s Lit Heroine Are You?

Girl at bookstore

Every reader understands the immersive power of a good book, but when you’re young the pull is extra powerful. After my first reading of the Little House books, I inadvertently ran away from home for an afternoon, imagining myself to be on a walkabout to Plum Creek, and I spent the years between ages 7 and 12 awaiting the arrival of Peter Pan (I didn’t say I wasn’t a late bloomer). Though most of us have long since stopped expecting our letters from Hogwarts, we can still imagine where we might fit in the pantheon of kids’ lit. Take this quiz to identify your literary alter-ego:

1. Your best quality is:
a. Your powerful sense of right and wrong
b. Your curiosity and willingness to ask questions
c. Your optimism and resilience
d. Your intelligence and work ethic
e. Your talent and determination
f. Your resourcefulness and honesty
g. Your unique personal flair and confidence

2. Your favorite among these movies is:
a. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
b. Amélie
c. Brave
d. The Philadelphia Story
e. His Girl Friday
f. Shattered Glass
g. Clueless

3. Your friends love you and all, but they’ve been known to refer to you as:
a. A little bit self-righteous
b. A bigmouth
c. Overwhelmingly energetic
d. A bit of a know-it-all
e. Kinda bossy
f. Nosier than you need to be
g. Easily bored, and a bit materialistic

4. Your ideal Sunday is spent:
a. Volunteering at your local animal shelter
b. Accompanying your favorite kid (or kid at heart) to an interactive art exhibit or Pixar movie
c. Impulsively baking a 27-step French dessert, then inviting all your friends over for a last-minute dinner party
d. Diving into a recreational research project you’ve been saving up all week
e. Putting the finishing edits on your short story
f. People-watching at the closest café (with a side order of eavesdropping)
g. Retail therapy

5. Your favorite subject in school was:
a. Civics
b. Debate
c. Phys ed
d. Don’t make me pick favorites!
e. Creative writing
f. School newspaper
g. Fashion club counts, right?

6. The most frequent comment on your grade-school reports was:
a. Isn’t engaging with material. May not be adequately challenged
b. Highly imaginative! Unfortunately, also highly disruptive
c. Tendency to engage in horseplay
d. Smart beyond her years—consider skipping a grade
e. Has natural leadership qualities
f. Doesn’t always play well with others
g. More interested in self than in schoolwork

If you answered mostly A’s, your children’s lit alter-ego is Scout Finch
You’re civic-minded and a good citizen of the world, and have never met a good-cause 5k you didn’t want to run. You’ve been told more than once to lighten up, which isn’t bad advice—but you’re a loyal friend, so we bet the ones you love forgive you your high standards.

If you answered mostly B’s, your children’s lit alter-ego is Ramona Quimby
Have you ever noticed that your friends don’t like to tell you their secrets…yet you’re the first one they turn to when they need to be distracted after a bad day? You’re fun, you’re creative, and you think big, but sometimes your intentions are better than what comes of them. You didn’t always fit in as a kid, but since growing up you’ve discovered the joys of not conforming.

If you answered mostly C’s, your children’s lit alter-ego is Pippi Longstocking
You’ve never met a problem you couldn’t solve with some positive thinking and a few cartwheels, and you’re not too proud to settle a dispute with some good old-fashioned bench-pressing (of the person you disagree with). Just remember that not everyone is as resilient as you are: listen to your friends when they want to vent.

If you answered mostly D’s, your children’s lit alter-ego is Hermione Granger
You’re the smartest person in the room, and you’re not afraid to show it: you’ve always known that playing dumb is overrated. You don’t understand boredom, because everything in the world is worth investigating.

If you answered mostly E’s, your children’s lit alter-ego is Jo March
You have a rich imagination and live life the way you want to live it. You’re not always patient with those who don’t see it your way, but you generally win them over with creative mind and great ideas. We bet you have a weird superstition or two, possibly related to the way you work (must use a certain pen; must wear a certain item of clothing).

If you answered mostly F’s, your children’s lit alter-ego is Harriet the Spy
You’re intelligent and observant, a student of human nature. You’re quite possibly a fan of Jane Austen and have a keen eye for the ridiculous. We bet you’ve learned the hard way to keep at least some of your opinions to yourself, so we won’t remind you again here.

If you answered mostly G’s, your children’s lit alter-ego is Eloise
Somewhere in your house is a drawer full of half-finished projects (or it might be a folder on your laptop), and you tend to have a random piece of glitter stuck to your face at all times. You’re creative and somewhat distractible, and occasionally you tend to be overconfident. Your friends count on you to keep their lives interesting, but be sure you take an interest in their lives, too.

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