204 Short Monologues and Scenes for Kids and Teens: A complete compilation of all four volumes of the

204 Short Monologues and Scenes for Kids and Teens: A complete compilation of all four volumes of the "51" series by Dave Kilgore

by Dave Kilgore


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204 Short Monologues and Scenes for Kids and Teens is a compilation of Dave Kilgore's four previous books, 51 Short Monologues and Scenes for Kids, Volumes 1 and 2, and 51 Short Monologues and Scenes for Teens, Volumes 1 and 2.
This book is designed for kid and teen actors to use in practice, in class, for auditions or just for fun. This book was also created to fill the void for acting teachers looking for positive and entertaining very short monologues and scenes for their younger student actors.

The majority of the pieces here are under one minute, allowing for easy memorization and comprehension, while still telling brief stories with entertaining plot twists and allowing the younger actor to delve into character, history, relationships and environment.

Talent agents and casting directors want to see what the actor can do in a short amount of time. Thirty to sixty second pieces, like most of the ones in this book, are ideal for that specific reason. Also, this allows the acting student to spend more time focusing on story and character.

In this book are many fun pieces you'll be happy to see your own kids and teens performing, knowing they're not just learning to act, but also to tell stories and interact in positive ways.

Some of the pieces in this book are more serious, and allow the younger actor to dig deeper and understand the character's journey.

Many of these can be used for boys or girls by simply changing the names, and many can cross into different age ranges by using different scene and character direction.

Included in this book...
• Tips on memorization.
• Tips on character development.
• Tips on character interaction.
• 56 Monologues for kids.
• 46 Scenes for kids.
• 60 Monologues for teens.
• 42 Scenes for teens.

The author, Dave Kilgore, is an actor, pianist, film composer, music playwright, novelist, and lover of all the arts. He has written musical plays for kids, short and feature length screenplays and more. A career spanning decades in music, theater, and film, has given him the opportunity to view these crafts from many angles and write short monologues and scenes as clever and concise stories for young actors.
Enjoy the journey!
Paperback version is 174 pages.

© 2016 by Dave Kilgore
Published by Scribernaut Press, LLC.

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