2nd Esdras: The Hidden Book of Prophecy: With 1st Esdras

2nd Esdras: The Hidden Book of Prophecy: With 1st Esdras

2nd Esdras: The Hidden Book of Prophecy: With 1st Esdras

2nd Esdras: The Hidden Book of Prophecy: With 1st Esdras


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2nd Esdras is one of the most powerful prophetic displays in history yet mostly hidden today from plain sight in the church. As it claims authorship from the Prophet Ezra 400 years prior to Messiah, it even foretells His birth in 400 years from that date as well as identifies Him as Yahusha in name. It preserves the trail of the Lost Tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel in which we have provided maps and charts including other scripture and history which serve as the foundation for such location. This will blow many away as we can know where the Lost Tribes migrated en masse. Experience the origin of many portions of Revelation and we will prove well before Revelation was written. The Final Eagle Empire prophecy, a continuation of Daniel's prophecy of the Four Beasts will raise the hairs on the back of your neck when you realize just how close to home it is today and we provide a chart with our interpretation of its three ruling heads. Once most have completed reading this curation, they will wonder why we have not had this knowledge all along.

We will vet this book and 1st Esdras and prove it was written prior to the New Testament and is the origin of the words of Messiah and the Apostles many times especially the Book of Revelation. There is a reason this book as well as 1st Esdras both remain in some Bibles today as scripture and their historicity is not debatable as they appear in the 1560 Geneva Bible and Original, Authorized 1611 King James Version. Translators did not waste their time translating this into English as they did scripture for no reason. If you are KJV Only, you may want to look at the original 1611 version which included both of these books.

In this annotation of 2nd Esdras with 1st Esdras, we have restored the Original 1611 King James Version and revised the English, curated margin notes, and provided detailed explanations including charts, maps, etc. We have also restored the Hebrew name of YHWH, Yahuah, for "the Lord" throughout as well as other Hebrew names in some cases. This should be done in all of scripture as His very name is there in Hebrew over 6,800 times in the Old Testament. Our introduction unveils our research on who lived in Qumran (not Essenes), the identity of the Qumran Priests, who defiled the Temple, vets Hanukkah, and Purim as well the Book of Esther, Messiah in Esdras, the name of YHWH in Esdras, etc.

We are not scholars and this is an educated layman's view of 1st and 2nd Esdras which many will find more valuable than most scholarly approaches. This work will teach and draw conclusions.

In these days of increasing knowledge, some such knowledge is actually ancient knowledge restored. We believe you will find this is the case with 2nd Esdras as well as 1st Esdras.

As the international authors of The Book of Jubilees: The Torah Calendar, The Search for King Solomon's Treasure: The Lost Isles of Gold and the Garden of Eden and Ophir Philippines Coffee Table Book, Timothy Schwab and Anna Zamoranos joined by their research team from The God Culture have once again curated another book tied to the Qumran Scrolls which will enlighten many. Review their findings and prove all things, hold fast that which is good (1 Th. 5:21).

This revised copy of the 1611 King James Versions of 1st and 2nd Esdras is copyright protected and approved by the Library of Congress:

Copyright (c) 2021 by Timothy Schwab, Anna Zamoranos. The Levite Bible.

Library Of Congress Control Number: 1-10500202551

Library of Congress Registration Number: TXu002263795

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